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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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and the newest version of Win2DS doesn't seem to work. Based on the problem I'm having, the author of Win2DS claims that I must have put in the wrong configuration. However, I'm using the same configuration that WORKS for PointyRemote.

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Really cool app,


I was just starting to work on a thing like this, but I guess there is already many people working on it now...


Just one idea: why not try to load and save the settings to the CF using the simple readconfig and writeconfig that are in my WiFi transfer program?


You can find the source code on the website http://bafio.drunkencoders.org



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Anyone having trouble with this like I was, try the following tip someone else mentioned; change the DS IP address to something LOWER than the default which ends.189 as many routers limit to lower than.150 and thus.189 is no good.

For example, I changed my DS IP to end with.003 instead of.189 and it now works fine. No more problems, screen is displaying just fine. Hope this helps some of you. :clapping:

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