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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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lil modifications xD

updates on 0.000015a

left dpad to do left click, right dpad to do right click

switched R and L (L now switches screens, and R sends again last string sent)

down dpad sends enter





blah, release another version, this time with a good server xD (at least in my pc)

also, i've added zoom control

with x and y you'll change the magnitude (in your ds)

to update it on the server, so it can be used, tap the touch screen in GRAL mode

just try it

i think that now it's a usable program

if you are having problems or smthing, join me at irc, i'll be in here for the night:


irc: irc.3dgames.com.ar channel: #PointyRemote


http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/pointles...te0.000014a.zip (forgot to change the number xD thx Stokes for telling me)



bored as i am, i've made a better server (still sucks...)






as i am impatient, i've release a new version with 2 tweaks



updates on 0.000012a:

-better control "protocol"

-updates on "click" and "area to zoom"

-turn off the lcds when it's closed


blah, still wating for the next release of the libs xD

go sgstair go! (i admire your work)

i hope that you find it more usable than before





i built a more usable version, hope u all like it

(sintax territorial biatch)


next release on tcp completition

will feature:

-a nice gui (not as nice as dsremote but...)


-better speed and the user wont feel the packet loss

-better mouse clicks

-improved keystrokes send

-auto update

-diferent zoom levels (forgot to put this xD)

and the source of this awfull thing


i really dont want to waste my time on a control protocol for udp while sgstair is working on tcp :P


enjoy it xD





updates on 0.000011a:

use of both screens, one for zoom and the other for gral

with R ull switch mode









some other date:


firts thing i programed 4 the ds

next release (when tcp is completed) comes with source code and more functional

i'm also planning to develop a version that can connect to a standar vnc server, but not now







first of all... sory bout my bad english, i'm not a native speaker



blahblahbla and everything u read on a readme

i've use as a base the demo code from sgstair

i'm releasing the bins only cause the code is unreadable, i've learn bout framebuffer and keys while i was programming it

i'll rewrite it and release it in a week or so (or when tcp is finished) xD


This was done by me, Pointless, a@pointless.com.ar


to use it ull need an ap (dooh), and the server running on the host computer

configure your ap as u did on wifi ds test, when you are connected, press the udp test button


and thats it, it'll look awfull, but it works....

press A to use a zoomed view of the screen

press B to se the gral view of the screen


while in zoom mode, u can do clicks with the stylus, and while in gral mode, u can select wich portion of the screen zoom


to send text, press select (\ is return)

if the text is not send, u can repeat the last sent text with LEFT trigger


and thats it

the server SUCKS, ive coded it while i was building the protocol, and the client, so if your computer slows down while using PointyRemote

it's probable that the server is flocking up all


pd: as its based on udp and programed without control on wich packet is received and wich not (exept for the screenshots)

u'll have to be near the ap, to minimze the packet loss

luck with this

enjoy it xD

Edited by Pointless
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