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  1. WOW Works here (GBAMP, flashme v7) but it seems like the connection is really reaking quite a lot I have t say, this is probably the kind of wifi app I've been waiting the most! Keep up with the good work! Cheers Bafio
  2. I really doubt it's possible to conenct to MSN without TCP, and TCP is still not there as far as I know... By the way, it would be really nice to integrate the with drawing functionality Bafio
  3. Hi, the source code of both client and server is now available! You can download it here: http://bafio.drunkencoders.com/ Contributions are appreciated, and I hope it can provide some ideas and solutions, even if it's not so nice code. Cheers Bafio
  4. Hi, I have posted the a new, this time big update to the chat program: http://bafio.drunkencoders.com/ Version 0.9 * New default skin. * New keyboard with support for all the keys, shift and caps. * Multiple messages view (press X to change from 1 message to 4 messages view) * Menus (back to bootloader, turn off the ds...) * Settings (change nickname) * Changable font for the drawings * Changable skins (simple JPG images, located in the /skins folder) TODO: ** fix some bugs still present in the server ** Update to the new Wifi library (when out). That will add support for WEP, etc. * Saving and loading messages from the CF * Save settings on server and/or on the CF * Possibly colors and TCP version... not in the near future though Cheers Bafio
  5. Can't understand.. try puting quotes in the user and password... it may be a bug in the ftp lib. Bafio
  6. i entered this: java -jar chatserver.jar -ftpuser abc@xyz.de -ftppass 123 -ftpserver ftp.xyz.de -ftpdir chat -http 9999 -port 9999 something wrong? i generated the empty chat folder on my domain. of course i changed here the ftp server adress, the ftpuser name and the password. i forwarded port 9999 (UDP and TCP). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, first of all I would remove the "-http 9999" part since you are uploading to a web server. the error you get seems quite clearly to say that you have not the right login information to the FTP server, but I guess you have checked that already. You should also make sure you made the directory where to write the files, maybe try to givve the complete path to that folder on the FTP sever. I personally run it like this: java -jar chatserver.jar -ftpuser abc@xyz.de -ftppass 123 -ftpserver ftp.xyz.de -ftpdir /path/to/chat "c:/path/to/local directory" This way it works over here. Try with the quotes too... Bafio
  7. Ok, briefly: you should run the that command after changing to the directory where the jar file is. Once you manage to start it, you should forward port 9999UDP to the machine running it and open the firewall for that port. I'm sorry but as I say in the website, I don't want to go too much in these details because running the chat server requires some expirience, and the server itself is still under development. I hope this helps, Bafio
  8. Hi, here is a little bit of troubleshooting for the connection. The next version of the wifi library should make things much easyer, but until then things are a bit complicated: Quick version: if you have a SD device, or any device not supported by Chrism's library, please enter your settings in the Firmware (like using MarioKart) and make sude that the are ALL set manually, manual IP, gateway, DNS, etc... as you would do in wifi transfer. If you run into problems, this is the safest way to get this working. Why: in the last version of wifi transfer I was using a modification of Chrism's library that was working on some more SD devices. Since the last update of the officila library fixed some serious bugs, I went back to the original version. This explains why with wifi transfer these devices (I guess supercard SD) are supported, so you can read and write the configuration file, but with wifi chat they are not. That means that wifichat actually can't read the config that wifitransfer has created. I'll se for the next release to update, maybe using the FAT library modifications from moonshell. In any case, the safest way if using firmware settings, this makes possible to run the program from flash cards and WMB too, since it does not depend on any particular card/hardware. Remember: you DO NEED to set all the different information ( IP address, gateway, DNS, subnet mask) manually. Also, WEP is not supported. I hope this helps! Cheers Bafio
  9. Hi, I have added some (small) instructions on the website. Basically, forward port 9999 to the computer running it (UDP). Open a command prompt and run java -jar chatserver.jar also try to download the latest version. You don't need to use ftp etc, if it does not work in may have to do with network setup (like, to conencto to my server I have to use the internal nw address (192.168.....) instead of the public one, but people from outside can conenct to the public ip. Bafio
  10. It does automatically always read from the firmware. Can you run win2DS? Otherwise there is some other problem. Beleive me if I tell something. Otherwise go figure it out yourself. Fabio
  11. From the documentation: [...] First you will need either: a) Wifi Transfer settings in the CF, if you have run that program before or Online (Firmware) settings from an online game, with: all static ip settings, no WEP This means you don't need a CF card (WMB is a possible way to run it). [...] http://bafio.drunkencoders.com/ At least try to read the first 4 lines of documentation before posting ! Bafio
  12. Hi, try to type in the address: If this works the problem could be the DNS server not set correctly. If hat doesn't work, it can be the IP configurationor something else. Can you connect with the other wifi programs? Bafio
  13. Do you write your own DNS client or do you get a newer version of Dswifi ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wrote a very basic dns client, it's also available as source code from my web site, if you download the wific2 source code. It doesn't take care of all of the situations, and does not cache, but it seems to be ok for a basic use Bafio
  14. The DNS settings seem to be wrong in the wifi config. Plus I'm having problems with my internet connection! Bafio
  15. Hi, You should set the settings using a wifi game like MK, you must specify all the information: ip address, gateway, DNS... and than test it there. If you have problems, try to see: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16926 and here: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17207 Hope that helps Bafio
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