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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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the garbage thing at those screens is cause of bad memory and modes management (will be fixed in the next release)

at that stage, ull have to update Zoomed screen with A, or gral screen with B

if nothing happens, check your ip settings, that might be the problem

alsa, if you are using some kind of nat between your pc and the DS, it might not work, cause of the fact, that the ds never tells anyone that i'll be using port 8888 to receive packets

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my problem is that when i use the program, i put in all of my settings(which takes a while because the ds screen isn't accurate and i press the number 1 and get like the letter w which can take time to write) then it takes me to 2 black screens. what i can do there is press select  to write a messege and then i press ok, but now the black screens have some weird green lines on them and that's it. I hope you can help me....

I have the same problem that you :-(


A great pain, with the awesome that seems this utility.

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Hm, it seems a bit slower to update on the Ds now. before I'd get quick updates when i pressed to refresh a screen (within a second or two) now its coming up within 5-10 seconds, or it freezes. The PC side server is slow again, too. My computer is choppy when it runs, the last build was quick.


Looks like theres some work to do. ;)


Nonetheless, keep it up, good to see you trying to fix it up.

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It seems to work better, however, I still am having problem getting screen updates quickly. Mostly, the zoomed view. the fullscreen view updates when something changes on teh screen, like a window open or conversation reply, but I cant get the zoomed view to move to that quickly or at all really anymore.


Hmmm.. The server isnt bogging me down as much on the PC anymore, but still a bit sludgy. I'll continue to test it out.


update, I can't get any response as far as touch screen goes. when zoomed in, I cant click on anything, and when zoomed out, it doesnt seem to react to where I point to zoom in, which leads me to beleive somthing is up with the touchscreen stuff.


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