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  1. Alright.... now that i just boughta new comp... (AMD Athlon 4000 640-bit, BFG 7600gt, 1gb RAM) you HAVe to release the new version of this program. PLEASE! I really want it to use on my new computer and stuff becuase it comes in handy a lot. Please, Please, keep working on it.... oh yeah, and I hope ur not dead.
  2. damnit.... i looooovveee dead topics. If you have discontinued making the mod then just post that here and dont just leave me hanging with the short bursts of hope that I get when I go through all of my bookmarks and see the link to this and this "maybe... just maybe, he updated it." It pretty much sucks to have that feeling and then find nothing here after you saying a new version was coming out soon. I still love you and your mod.... but i can't get the current version to work with router so i need a newer one with the new library thing...... KEEP WORKING ON IT, PLEASE!!!
  3. GAARRRRRRR!!!!! i thought it was gunna come out like 3 weeks ago or sumthing....fsdhjfsajghshbndsafjkgbndgjkbfdgb!!!!!!ONEONEONE SHIFT + ONE!!
  4. I can't extract the .rar for some reason.... hellpppp
  5. Yeah, but there is also a more recent version, whether it's worth the money to get it, i don't know. As for the other link, i've never seen that before but i'm guessing it will work but don't base your purchase on my posts only... i kinda want that MAX thing now actually... it's a lot smaller than the one i have.
  6. I have a friend from Italy.... damn you and your world cup dominance...
  7. Try looking around for prices and see what you like. Try searching for M3 adapter, SuperCard, Passkey2, an SD or Cf card (if you don't already have one). I bought the M3 micro SD and a passkey 2 (which also is version 1... i have the first firmware), and i already had a 2gig SD card. So shop around a lil.
  8. Ok, thanks. I'm back from camp. Make sure it has a good server.... but i'll probably be happy if you mail a box of dumps to my house.
  9. DDDDUUUUUUUUDEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that's real.... and if it works on my wireless system..... I WILL POOP MY PANTS!!!! please release it soon!.... not to rush you or anything....... but i'm gunan be gone for a week at iD Tech camp so hopefully you don't release too soon..... but i'm probably assuming too much..... P.S. any info on that microphone idea?
  10. omg i just thought of this. You should make alow the DS to be used as a microphone for your computer too. So like on MSN we can record stuff and send it to our friends. It would be really sweet and usefull but i dunno if it's possible. Probably is. And also is there anyway to make it so that when you push on button on your DS, it's like pushing two on the PC..... cuz it would make web surfing a lot easier (so like you could make Ctrl + T be the same as pushing like "a" so that a new tab appears, or in a videosgame like starcraft it would also be very helpful). I've tried mapping Ctrl to a and T to b and pushing them at the same tiem but nothing happens....
  11. omg i just thought of this. You should make alow the DS to be used as a microphone for your computer too. So like on MSN we can record stuff and send it to our friends. I'll trype this in the win2DS forums too.
  12. I got Win2DS but now i'm wondering what pointyremote has over it because i really want pointyremote but it has to have the newer stuff for it to work for me. soooooooo plz work on it.
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