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  1. So... any hope for a TCP version? I understand the protocol would be completely rewritten, but with the source released, and this being the closest to internet chatting one can get on homebrew, would anyone want to take a stab at implementing the new Wifi Lib 0.3?
  2. I find this useful, except I still can't have multiple ini's or configurations, but what I do use it for is assigning my keys, then I run the server which generates the bat file and then I rename that bat file to my new config. This way I don't have to look up keycodes anymore.
  3. Hmmm... I miss the .bat files, but that's because you could make multiple ones in order to have different configurations. All you had to do was run the correct.bat file. Which is why I'd like to suggest this: Either make it so you can do a simple File>Open and choose a particular.ini file so you can have multiple ini's with different configurations, or make it so when you shortcut to the DS2Key exe you can add a switch of the ini you want that particular shortcut to load. Ex: "C:\DS\DS2KEY\DS2Key.exe" -wmplayer.ini
  4. WEP is not supported all that well, so you'll have to turn off WEP first.
  5. Better watch out, Pointless, seems like Win2DS is in the market for competition. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16875
  6. Make sure you don't have WEP, and I had to turn DHCP on for my router. If you're not worried about forwarded ports or anything, try clicking and holding the reset button on your router for 10 seconds, it brings it back to factory defaults. One last thing to try: Go to Control Panel>Internet and Network Connections>Network Connections. Double click on Local Area Connection and click the support tab. This has all the info you'd need to fill in.
  7. Well... I must say, BRAVO. This came out far quicker then I anticipated. Works awesome. The blue it turns my start button is pretty cool too >__> But anyway, it seems like a revolution for the DS is coming! And all this without TCP o__o EDIT: WOW, I didn't realize you could click the mouse too. I'm chatting with my friends and openning programs on my computer from my living room, this is the greatest thing I've seen yet. im typing this with the ds some chars not supported by ds app
  8. Open the .bat with a text editor and edit the set of numbers at the end (after the 9501). They go in the following order: A B X Y L R START SELECT UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT Here is a list of number codes for a keyboard key: http://francis.dupont.free.fr/coindev/english/codedi.htm
  9. Here's a Windows Media Player 10 setup I came up with: DS2Key.exe 192.168.x.xx 9501 33 48 28 66 29 42 25 56 48 33 67 68 Since I can't do two buttons at once (CTRL+P as one DS button) some are combos. LEFT: Volume Down RIGHT: Volume Up Y: Mute ========= Now for the combos: L + START: Play/Pause L + UP: Previous Playlist Item (Or L + L + DOWN: Next Playlist Item (Or L + A) L + R + B: Rewind (Or L + R + UP) L + R + A: Fast Forward (Or L + R + DOWN) SELECT + X: Fullscreen (or back out if already in it) Works swell for me. If anyone knows how to combo keycodes (like CTRL + X in a single DS button) let me know.
  10. Instructions: Open the.bat file and edit the IP address to your computers IP address (if you don't know your IP address, open Command prompt and type 'ipconfig' that should give you a 192.168.x.x number. That's it). Run the.bat file, a window should stay open, you have to keep this open for as long as you want to play. Run the DS2Key homebrew and choose connect to AP and choose your network. Choose UDP test and use the default port. Set the destination IP to your computers IP (the same in the.bat file) Push buttons and enjoy
  11. This works GREAT. I just played a SNES game on an emulator and it worked flawlessly, this has totally revolutionized emulation for me, thanks for the awesome work! When you release the source I'm sure it's only a matter of time till someone can translate touchscreen coordinates into key codes to send in the same manner for a remote keyboard. I can't seem to work the light however (Supercard SD.nds.gba version) Also, for those having trouble, make sure in the DS you set the Destination IP to your computers, the same one you set in the.bat file.
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