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  1. dest Ip is the ip of the computer running the server
  2. You´re the man !!!!! Yeah!!! And the removable wallpaper ideia can be done?
  3. maybe we should make a little brain storm,,, Follow my idea.. may be you could add some Control screens for some programs.. like winamp, Windows media plater.. and maybe a option to anyone make their own program control.. ( something like ds2key, but more visual ) got my ideia?
  4. yeah.. homenbrew scene is kandy sleepy theses days!
  5. May be your server can remove the desktop wallpaper when a ds is conectec.. so we can get faster screen refrash
  6. DsLinux uses the documentation.. =]
  7. i hate this "hot unreachable" Message!
  8. I know thats the password.. but i hate it.. i hate to imput passwords.. my firefox do all the job for me.. and i realy want a option to change passwork or remove it! i i didnt make browser work =[
  9. dslinux must have save this settings =/ anb password too...
  10. @*#^$*&@#^$*&@^#*$^(*@#&$()* means something good???
  11. Ps: I get 60% of cpu usage ! Atlhon Xp 1.7 + 1GB DDR Radeon 9200 1024x780 desktop
  12. P.Less.. with Tpc/ip working. there will be any speed improvment? I have a Ideia.. theres a way to use a bigger image in zoom view so we can navigate a little bit with D-Pad... ( like PSP browser do with Web Pages.. ) this will be amazing for reading stuffs!
  13. Ive tried over internet other day,, worked!!! slow but worked!
  14. newbie <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry i coulnd resist... i have acid humor
  15. if the magnifyer is set to 4X... you can see everething perfecly!!
  16. You really are hopping so much... i guess you never used a VNC program before..
  17. whould be good if the key you press change collors...
  18. I cant use the keyboard either. Numbers 1-5 are very messed up. I can seldom press 1, 2 is easy to press, 3 is complicated, and the rest are kinda easy. If this could get fixed, along with being able to 'fuse' this app with DS2Key... This would be the greatest app evah! Heres my suggestion (for future releases) Up, down, left and right, to be used as up, down left and right. (I want to play Unreal Tourney 2k4, sick, I know, Its just for bragging purposes. Being able to customize L and R buttons for our 'personal use' (Shoot, jump, etc ) Oh and zoom in. First fix the keyboard I guess <{POST_SNAPBACK}> errrr.. why dont you use ds2key... this one is for games...
  19. with this new version my pc is lagginf very much =[...
  20. i get the green garbage at start but i just press A button few times and then screen apears
  21. so what is comming in the next version?? maybe a control over internet? not only wifilan?
  22. you can make the fullsceen on the booton screen and the zoomed views onthe top ( with a litthe crosshair on the middle so we now where mouse is pointing ) and of course.. a server that can lat we use it over the internet!!!! more colors can wait!!! congratulations!
  23. WOW... AMAZING!!! now you just had to turn light off to preserv some batery and it will be perfect !!!
  24. all versions freeze in Supercard..
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