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  1. The only thing missing from Win2DS is basically DHCP and WEP, oh and DNS, to allow it to connect to a PC from outside the web.
  2. I dont think so, however you could make one that controls your Media Center PC through the DS. Remember that in order to have the DS connect to anything, you need THAT thing to be able to run some sort of "client" or "server" package. In this case, X360 hasnt been able to get homebrew running, so its a no-no for now...
  3. Dont count your chickens before you even have eggs... There are no HTML parsers yet, for the DS anyways(besides DSLinux), so that means that a browser should come soon, but how soon is soon? I'd say a few more months... Edit: Well, I'll be damned, I forgot DSOrganize can read HTML and parse it (Text only, no images yet), and thats what it uses for the help files, so a DSBrowser COULD come sooner than I thought... Then again, there's always Opera DS...
  4. I think I'm a bit more "down to earth" when my suggestion consists in updating the program with stephen's new test lib, to enable WEP.
  5. Until the creators of the programs (Pointy, Sypherce, Sintax) decide to update their file to include the new lib, you can count WEP out.
  6. Read the Linux instrucctions thoroughly, and get a copy (its legal btw) of Knoppix or Ubuntu Live, you dont have to install anything, you boot from disc, and if you decide linux aint your thing, you can switch back to Windows effortless. Then again, itll be pretty annoying to get it right, and then reboot and have to redo the whole thing
  7. Nushio

    DS2Key 0.4

    Here's something I'd like for a future release. Buttons in the touchscreen, similar to MPH, that way you dont need to press the face buttons of the DS. This would be handy, of course, for FPS, but could also help other genres if these buttons could be personalized. I'd also like to be able to personalize the controlls from within DS2key, and not the server app in my computer. Like Win2DS. I'm currently at school, so I havent tested DS2key v4, and I wont have time to test until Monday or Tuesday, but I'm getting MPH on monday, which means that I wont test it soon...
  8. I really like the keyboard used in DS2Win, the PA_Lib keyboard, it even lights up before releasing the key, so you know which key you are pressing. However, one of the features I really LOVE about your apps Stephen, is the fact that if I type 3, I can press up or down to make it 2 or 4. If I type B, i can select other letters, which is a real plus.
  9. I tried connecting to google (and it seems I did), however I cant type "HTTP request"... What am I supposed to do after giving the URL? I pressed CR several times, and when clicking on the Status, I see a whole bunch of Fs (more than I've ever gotten in all exams), then 2 lines with info Here's what I did I clicked on Tap to connect, automatically it typed google.com:80, so I pressed Ok, afterwards I have a black screen on top and TCP Conect test at the bottom If I press CR, nothing happens. I cant change text where it says google.com, if I press status, I see the Fs and a load of Hex numbers. Do I remove local echo? Do I enable? Help, I'm lost Edit: Nevermind, I got it! It really NEEDS backspace though
  10. This is pretty nice, but what I'd really LOVE is if you 'fused' wardriving and selecting an access point to connect to. The reason I'm saying this is because when wardriving, it shows access points and their connection rate, meanwhile, when you select Connect to AP, you only see the names, and not the connection rate. The problem occurs when several APs are named the same thing (such as in my campus, as I explained in another thread, in gbadev.org forums), so I'd really LOVE to see which one I am connecting to
  11. I dont hate french, I just dont understand it With that out of the way, I am eagerly waiting for Stephen to finish his lib so you can finish your program. I cant wait to *fully* chat on MSN via DS (instead of needing Pointy Remote and my Laptop)
  12. Uhm, the drawing system is already in msn messenger. It's called the tablet input box <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think that what he meant was to have not only a keyboard, but a way to change input into DSMerlin or one of those character-recognition programs.
  13. Congrats man, you deserve it.
  14. http://akkit.org/dswifi/ Update! Yes! Yes! Hopefully TCP will be done by this weekend, which means a real browser could be here soon! With only DHCP left to add, and his friend helping, DSHomebrew can't be better! You rawk Stephen!
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