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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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okay, so, I finally got a zoom update, but it was very slow (I'm talking, several minutes. the clicks I did also registered....minutes later)...so, theres a slow down problem with the response rate with clicking and zooming. but the zoomed out view updates very quickly for me.

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try this,

if you press X button, the update rate will increase, with the Y button, it will decrease

as the server.exe is so badly programed, if u use a high update, i'll freeze your pc, causing things not to respond,

try tapping a few times (fast taps, as this works while hold the buttons) on Y, so it will not freeze the server

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To everyone: copy the link location to your URL and replace 13 with 14. The link he offered is screwed up.


Anyway, server.exe is crashing, and I have no idea why. Says something about kernl32.exe or something not agreeing with it.


EDIT: Nevermind, link fixed.

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Well this release is waaay better. Colors are fixed, its fast enough to be usable-- I really prefer the stylus clicking to WinDS trigger clicking. There's a few changes Pointless could probably make in 5 minutes:


switch screen toggle trigger to left trigger so you can hold the ds with your left hand and hold stylus with your right


hold left on d-pad while clicking for right clicks


right on d-pad = 'enter' on keyboard, 'cause right now its really hard to double click icons


Great job pointless! You've pulled far ahead in the VNC wars. So I see Win2DS Sticky-- why no pointyRemote sticky?

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gamecop ofered me a forum, but i told him that i dont wanna a forum until tcp is working, and i can make a good version of pointyremote (btw, i'll change the name soom xD, it sucks xD)


and digicide, i'll build a release with those features

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