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  1. dest Ip is the ip of the computer running the server
  2. You´re the man !!!!! Yeah!!! And the removable wallpaper ideia can be done?
  3. maybe we should make a little brain storm,,, Follow my idea.. may be you could add some Control screens for some programs.. like winamp, Windows media plater.. and maybe a option to anyone make their own program control.. ( something like ds2key, but more visual ) got my ideia?
  4. yeah.. homenbrew scene is kandy sleepy theses days!
  5. May be your server can remove the desktop wallpaper when a ds is conectec.. so we can get faster screen refrash
  6. DsLinux uses the documentation.. =]
  7. i hate this "hot unreachable" Message!
  8. I know thats the password.. but i hate it.. i hate to imput passwords.. my firefox do all the job for me.. and i realy want a option to change passwork or remove it! i i didnt make browser work =[
  9. dslinux must have save this settings =/ anb password too...
  10. @*#^$*&@#^$*&@^#*$^(*@#&$()* means something good???
  11. Ps: I get 60% of cpu usage ! Atlhon Xp 1.7 + 1GB DDR Radeon 9200 1024x780 desktop
  12. P.Less.. with Tpc/ip working. there will be any speed improvment? I have a Ideia.. theres a way to use a bigger image in zoom view so we can navigate a little bit with D-Pad... ( like PSP browser do with Web Pages.. ) this will be amazing for reading stuffs!
  13. Ive tried over internet other day,, worked!!! slow but worked!
  14. newbie <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry i coulnd resist... i have acid humor
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