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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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na, not right now, i've programmed it as a test ap, to see what can be done, and to encourage (?) sgstair to finish tcp :P


when this happens, i'll make a version that uses both screens, that can be scrolled with the thumb, uses more colors and compresion (now it sends a raw img in a 2-3-3 bit format, per pixel)

and a better server, this version sucks

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Wow man, it actually works. Granted it is only a test release and you can't really do anything useful yet, but the potential is there. I was able to see a scaled down version of my dual desktop as well as move the mouse around (sort-of). I didn't test it, but I assume you can also input text.


Like said above, you should be able to scroll using the D-pad. Also, it would be nice to have different levels of zoom. Obviously the speed could be better, but as a proof-of-concept, it works.


Also, the server application is rather confusion as none of the options are labeled. I understand english isn't your first language, but it would help for the program to be a little more descriptive. Other than that, its a nice start.

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