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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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you can make the fullsceen on the booton screen and the zoomed views onthe top ( with a litthe crosshair on the middle so we now where mouse is pointing )


and of course.. a server that can lat we use it over the internet!!!!


more colors can wait!!!



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the idea was to have the zoomed view in the touch screen, and the general view in the top screen, but as i cannot use frame buffer on both (only way i know to write to screen) i cannot do it :/

have to read about the mode that let me put jpges or bitmaps, but that would be for the tcp version xD


and havent say it before, but, thanx sgstair xD your lib r0x, please continue with it

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It unfortunately dosen't seem to be workign for me for some reason. I run the server, the box comes up (I do nothing from there on the actual computer), then I go ahead and start up the DS application...runs fine, I connect to my AP, enter the IP address of the computer I am accessing, and all that I see is a green thing at the top and a red line in the middle...i get the touch release and what not ont he top screen..but..nothing is happening on my main computer..and..i'm not seeing anything on my DS that is my desktop...zoom and what not do nothing.


I even went ahead and stuck my main computer in the DMZ zone...diden't help. :S Wish this would work. :clapping: I'm wondering if maybe realvnc could be conflicting with this?


EDIT: by the way...I was able to get win2ds working...just not this..so...i'm not excactly sure what the problem is...since my DS apparently can connect to this computer.


EDIT2: GOT IT TO WORK! YAY! I checked over all my settings more carefully this time before connecting to my AP...this is pretty cool :-)


EDIT3: Unfortunately though...it only works for one of my monitors..not both (I have a dual monitor set up). Kind of weird considering someoen else with my same set up said it worked with both monitors for them (or maybe I just imagined that post :S )

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Well... I must say, BRAVO. This came out far quicker then I anticipated. Works awesome. The blue it turns my start button is pretty cool too >__> But anyway, it seems like a revolution for the DS is coming! And all this without TCP o__o


EDIT: WOW, I didn't realize you could click the mouse too. I'm chatting with my friends and openning programs on my computer from my living room, this is the greatest thing I've seen yet.


im typing this with the ds some chars not supported by ds app

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