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  1. maybe this week, but i dont know it'll be in these weeks for sure, but i dont know when :/
  2. it'll be a new program xD still with an awfull interface, but really usable and yes, it'll use the new lib
  3. yep its real, still, the connection is still a lil buggy, and the loading times really slow on high ping, but i'm working on it xD
  4. ^^ hi to everyone xD i'm currently with no time :/ so please forgive me when i'm free, i'm working in a new version wich will be much faster and comfortable xD i wont say anything cause i'm still seeing what to include, and what not to include, but i'll be better than the last one xD
  5. nope :/ it'll be a lil slower (depending on the compression u use) until ip fragmentation works
  6. maybe someone cares, maybe not but i got functional pointyremote over tcp working with a softer server and all kind of crap xD next version will feature adjustable levels of compression (to fit ur needs) for both zoomed view and gral view
  7. yeap, i'm on it still fighting with my crap router, but i've already started de devlelopment of the pointyremote for tcp
  8. there is no compression (yet) so it's the same xD (not dead, only waiting for tcp)
  9. you need: -a passme (to be able to run homebrew in ds mode) -some kind of flash adapter (g6, supercard, m3, etc...) -some kind of flash card (consistent with the type of the adapter) -some kind of reader/writer (to write/read data from/to the flash card) and a ds of course xD u'll have to save the homebrew u want to use in the flashcard, put it in the adapter, plug the adapter to the gba slot, use a passkey with an original game, and turn on your ds xD depending on the adaptar, ull have diferent kind of menues, but from there, u can execute homebrew (any kind, dslinux, pointyremote, win2ds, etc....)
  10. wow, cant beleive how a good image can do this xD thanks to the guy at Flickr bout this
  11. it means that u dont have configured correctly the wifi, the ip or u have a the port blocked xD (u r not receiving any data)
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