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  1. Check out the site and fight me! - http://delakev.mybrute.com Above is my 'referral' link. First fight doesn't really count =P Anyways, the game is a free and very casual web browser game that displays automatically generated fights of your avatar in short Flash clips. You basically get turns every day to challenge other characters. The fights, stats, skills, weapons are all based on luck haha. Check it out!
  2. what drivers are you using? If you just want to 'mirror' your laptop screen onto a bgger monitor, what i do is i DON'T select extend, i go into display settings > advance > display > and then i see 3 things; a monitor, laptop, and tv. I turn on the monitor and select mirror mode. I'm running omega drivers for my ati x600 btw.
  3. thanks, i just need to learn more php so i can make my own template but the content i try to keep original like the recent flash i posted. my friend made the flash, it is so jokes but a bit offensive lol
  4. what about PC, what is the besr arcade emulator for PC compatible with Kaillera? (i would like to play online )
  5. Hey I started a new website, it's a personal blog - http://delakev.co.nr I just post non sense stuff that might be interesting like programs that might help, music, personal stuff. I have a passion for video games, and I beta test a lot so most of the games being posted are MMORPGs. thank you for your time, i HOPE it caught your interest, once again the site is http://delakev.co.nr (there SHOULD BE NO POPUPS AT ALL) (also please give me input on how I am doing, so criticise away! and if you wanna blogroll i will have to see your site if it relates)
  6. just wondering how much Samurai Shodown PAL version worth for SNES box, game, manual, all in good condition
  7. i need to get my hands on that arcade baed disc!!!!! ARGH!!! =P
  8. is this an official release? like the people who made the whole BAED series, cause i have the first one, i love it!
  9. i wonder if it is too late for a repost? =P i just got DISC 1 recently with the SNES and genesis stuff yay!
  10. hey feel free to rate and critize my site, and how it looks so far ENTER FLASH for the goods the rest r jus temperary and hosted for friends. http://members.x2concepts.com/xinno (non pop up) http://xinnovations.tk (redirect, has a pop up =( )
  11. can some1 post the complete working file =) cuz there is a lot of pages, 34 to be exact
  12. yay i got them all working, now time for MS5 and the others. all i did was download the whole package from edonkey.
  13. o, well post something when u guys have the files up =)
  14. what's the difference between plus and SE? will SE separate itself from Kawa-X like how PLUS is. or is it jus an upgrade from X to SE yes i am a newbie
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