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  1. avec quels accessoires? or me Welcome:p
  2. Same as Dvd92. Darn I remember those lame grafics SF had back at then (tho I've played the game on snes first). Guile ruled back then 2 tho
  3. And this should be the link to the Mame emulator for Mslug5. MAME
  4. He lacks style! To make a cool and stylish final boss, you need to put originality. This guy looks like my neighbourm only with an imposing weapon. On the other hand he's WAY better when transformed.
  5. ?? It seems like you forgot to post the link here Please do, i'd love to have the movelist./
  6. The first link doesn't seem to work. The second one works though reeeeeally slow. but this doesn't matter THANKS SANTA
  7. Jun : Yup, I agree Mina is not only cute, but AWESOME !!! Some ugly points : I don't like the use of the D button a lot, as for the double A + B move I find that way to powerful. I also don't like that red slimy self-cannibal demon, first of all because he is 2 big, 2 strong, 2 slow, and doesn't really fit in with the other characters. I don't like Sankuro AT ALL !! That guy simply performs the same moves over and over again, moves you can't even block, I mean, WTF!!??XD1!11 He also has the ability to heal himself...double WTF!!! I have to agree here, the game seems to have NO STORY at all, plus we don't get to know where Haomaru's evil twin comes from, neither Sogetsu's btw. What's the deal with these two? Reza or something is identical to Sogetsu only he has no sword, and his movelist is too limited (well, so far..). Anyone knows his story? ps : noticed that new old guy? He seems cool, cause he can FLY lmao
  8. -------------(Top 5)--------------------- 1. Garou MOTW ==> totaly, it get's 11/10. 2. Samurai Shodown 4 ==> may take some time to replace it with samsho5. 3. Last Blade 2 ==> OMG!! Amano is gr00ving medieval japan. 4. Metal Slug 4/X ==> actually both of them! 5. KOF2k ==> the best of the series if you ask me-has the best art. -------------(Top of the Flops)--------- 1. Matrimelee ==> BUAHAHAH!! I bet they were drunk back at SNK headquarters:e This game is SO lame..
  9. Hey I've got a gameplay question. Well, I fixed buttons A, B, C, D in respective order A, S, D, F on my keybord. Now, ok, the gameplay has changed, but, what does the F button do ? There are the 2 slash buttons, the kick button, but the D button? Appearently the character does a little hop, or a special action depending on the direction you press. Is this something like a ''taunt'' button? Well, if it is, samsho is playable with only 3 buttons?
  10. I'm getting all excited lol. But thinking that the others are playing the game as we speak, ...gets under my skin and drives me COMPLETELY INSANE!!!! lol
  11. Hum, could someone explain why.. THERE ISN'T A SINGLE LINK TO SAMSHO5.ZIP ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET THAT IS NOT DEAD ? lol Merry Christmas to you all
  12. Right, the emulcity link is dead. The link in fillemirors is also dead, actually all the links to samsho5.zip I've found are '' di - e - ey -di '' Anyone, could post a working link, please ? I would appreciate it thanks.
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