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  1. i tried to play kof2k2 on kaillera today and all it said was error and so and so anyone knows what going on
  2. also for those lookin for a command list check kofonline for it
  3. anyone know of a mame32+ with netplay if so can u post a link?
  4. just press enter when they tell u to push "select" oh yea anyone have a command list for it the one that was posted here is messed up i cant make out the commands
  5. Thanks for the help, but anyone havin problems doin specials
  6. as for the timestamps dont know about that but hey drifter just press tab and configure your controls through that way as to what u mean bout the game display have no idea ps: the game works great but how do u change from console mode to arcade mode?
  7. i tried all day to get in here but i couldnt i kept on getting the 404 but anyway im D/Ling it right now as i speak ill let u know how it is if u want me too for those who hvent played it yet
  8. i cant get into any hub connection every time I try it says u are being disconnected or my file share isnt big enough so what do i do to fix this and how do they go about knowing if my share is big enough do i put it in a folder or something? any help would be appreciated.
  9. anyone know where i can get this from ?
  10. hwoarang or either kim kaphwan for me
  11. Hey whatup im new to this forum sorta......... i ve been readin in here for bout a couple months but i just now decided to sign up so hello everybody. and the news in here is great i like all the info this site offers
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