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  1. Fable would be similar. Short as folk, but similar.
  2. I'm pretty sure Mortal Kombat Trilogy was on the PS1. I think it was on the N64, too, for that matter.
  3. It's kinda cute. Was that one of your children trying to draw Sonic?
  4. There are just too many problems with this sort of crap. This is actually one of the more annoying parts I've run into with such programs in the past, it's very difficult to transfer music to where I want it to be. Then the files expire or something and I have to redownload them.
  5. I think it's been stated already, but just because "professionals" tend to diagnose AD(H)D far more often than they should doesn't mean it doesn't exist. People like to think that some pills after a quick diagnosis, sometimes even just parents assuming their child has AD(H)D, is the cure for their problems, when a disease isn't the source of the issue at all. At the same time, I'd like to think that a lot of mental "disabilities" don't actually exist, and that there's a mental disability to describe every minor sidestep for "normal" human behavior.
  6. Be financial analyst cranston rhode island analyze string disk analyzer. The most erotic thing ever.
  7. Just finished Apollo Justice. It was amazing again. That's about all I have to say on it, though.
  8. I don't think I can choose just one as a game better than all others.
  9. Yes. It's the story and dialogue that are really superb, but the rest of the gameplay isn't a hindrance. It can really test your problem solving and perception.
  10. The graphics for two and three were good enough to begin with, they didn't really need an upgrade. Didn't realize it was out on the Wii, though, I might have to pick that up.
  11. In all honesty, I think I'd choose the first one. Getting my hair cut isn't something I normally associate with erotica. Of course, that brings up the question of when I last got my hair cut, it's been a few years.
  12. Mash it a few times or get a new controller.
  13. I've been playing City of Villains a lot recently. I'm really trying to grind out a level 50 character finally to make use of the new epic archetypes that are coming out soon.
  14. Not that good of a comparison either. If you say Zelda series of games are RPG's cause you talk to people and collect money you could just as easily say the forum attack system is an RPG cause you talk to people and collect money. You also gain experience and level up, which increases your statistics.
  15. Is Super Metroid Redesign the one where they changed the physics engine to properly match the mass of the planet? Cause that crap is hard.
  16. This is what I was referring to as being a load of crap. Please name an RPG that doesn't . Better than that, name what makes a game an RPG.
  17. I belong in a padded room. I don't want to hurt others or myself.
  18. Just the other day I was being chased by hotdogs and fried eggs, so I tricked them into walking over a hamburger and dropped meat on them. Fact.
  19. I think I've read this before, a while ago, so it may be a hoax. I don't remember for sure, though.
  20. I totally accidentally voted that I joined in 2008, which is maybe a year or two off. Just fyi.
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