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  1. Or just have blue and pink cans of paint at the ready. Win fight by spraying blue paint in his eyes.
  2. I don't remember playing good games on the XBox, with a few exceptions that were also on the PC. I think Nintendo will do just fine.
  3. It's kind of weird to ban it, but it was kind of weird to bring it to school in the first place.
  4. I'm definitely looking into this, as I live in exactly that area and already use exactly that provider. Doubt I'd pay that much, but I'm interested.
  5. I recommend Team Fortress 2. It's better.
  6. I've got no plans, probably just gonna sit here all weekend. Not that I won't enjoy it, it's rather nice sitting here.
  7. That's really disturbing, but I can't say I didn't expect it from Christians.
  8. When I'm depressed I just sort of lounge around the house, listen to music, or play repetitive MMOs. So...basically the same thing I always do. Maybe I'm just always depressed and I'm in denial.
  9. Oh, it wasn't hard. Not at all. I just got really sick of auto attacking for thirty seconds and hoping I didn't die every battle. Even the mages auto-attack for most of their damage. Couldn't stand it.
  10. It could bring in some PS3 sales. Capcom doesn't care about those, though, they care about Monster Hunter sales, and they'll get more Monster Hunter sales on the Wii.
  11. I found FFXI similar to walking through quicksand while wearing iron clogs with the goal of reaching more quicksand.
  12. Time for some funny April 1st links. Let's see 'em. City of Heroes: http://www.coh.com/news/archives/2008/04/c..._heroes_47.html GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/poll/index.html?poll=3074 Google: http://www.google.com/virgle/index.html
  13. You're right, she's practically two dimensional. I'll not accept this.
  14. If we submit the questions we'll already know the answers. That's no fun. We need to find a third party source for our questions.
  15. I beat Emerald Weapon by setting XIII's max health to 7777. Fun Fact: the 7777 trick doesn't last forever. It only attacks a certain number of times. Probably a number with a bunch of sevens in it.
  16. I have to say, though, as ridiculous as it looks here, I bet he actually would be a good drummer in a decent rock band.
  17. I did. I still laugh at it. He's just so amusing.
  18. Join us. Together we can rule the universe. One crutch beating at a time.
  19. If I can really get into a game, yeah, it's basically like that. I like to really embody the characters I play, like some sort of actor.
  20. I could never do that. I like to keep my self firmly planted on solid ground.
  21. Two things. First off, I totally thought BitTorrent was made by some college student as a solo project. I had no idea they had a...technology something officer. Secondly, on the Roadrunner comment. I used to have Roadrunner, and then I think they merged, so I had Comcast, and it got worse. I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure that's what happened, though.
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