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  1. Try out this luxurious Titan Missile Base! http://cgi.ebay.com/Titan-Missile-Base-Cen...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. I drink almost nothing but cold water. The only alternative being a lemonade if I'm eating out somewhere.
  3. I walk a half hour to work, work a lot, and then walk a half hour back. Uphill both ways. I get enough exercise.
  4. That'll teach you to confirm questions in an agreeable manner!
  5. I bet that I won't even see a second of the Super Bowl because professionals sports don't interest me at all.
  6. The only thing I have scheduled is when I begin work. When I'm done with work varies by hours at a time, and everything that isn't work is just free time anyway.
  7. Come back to bed, Kratos! Honestly, I didn't have a huge problem with this report. It seemed pretty legit, a lot of the opinions expressed I even agreed with. There was really just that one sexist feminist woman making annoying comments in there. I still haven't played Mass Effect though, it's just sort of on my to do list.
  8. If it's even semi-related to Guilty Gear, it's worth giving a shot in my book.
  9. I vote Half-Life and all the mods and crap based off of it or what have you.
  10. I'm personally going to upgrade my computer to "decent" levels in the next couple of months in preparation for Warhammer Online. It's not going to run things on high settings or anything, though, like a console would, it's going to run things at medium, maybe even low settings, because running it on high is going to cost you about $1K a part.
  11. I never used to get snow days. We'd have like ten feet of snow, and if you weren't prepared to get to school in ten feet of snow, you were some sort of delinquent.
  12. Flaws include the versatility of a television, cost of the television (quality doesn't deteriorate much between televisions), and the fact that those decent parts are going to be crap within a year, while the television could easily last ten or twenty, and the console up to five.
  13. I've actually studied water treatment. Water definitely gets a unique taste from the things that are in it. At a treatment plant, you don't just remove everything in the water. Part of the process is leaving things in the water to give it a taste the public agrees with. So it's 100% natural that you would taste metals in tap water. Purified water may just not be completely purified, or it may be some sort of psychological thing, where you expect to taste the metals, so you do.
  14. I have to say, it wasn't the best plan in the world to begin with. I hate pranks and such.
  15. That sounds about right. I'm not actually in the know on medicine, but at least two people I know are, I probably recognized it from them.
  16. Y'know, I've been playing a lot of Phoenix Wright lately, maybe I should try to defend someone in court.
  17. Akama. Have a 70 Druid and 46+ Shaman.
  18. Some dude with enchanted knuckles. Looks crazy: A great picture of me in a tavern: Note the chat log:
  19. I actually know a lot of people that can do things like that, but I don't especially like the game, and don't want to take the time to practice enough to match them. Years of failure have made me a little bitter, you could say.
  20. I think this game is up there with Halo on the overhyped scale. Decent, but not the amazing piece of art everyone treats it as.
  21. I just watched The Protector. At first I thought it was crap, then the elephant was charging through town, and that was pretty cool, but I wasn't impressed yet, then there was that weird wedding party scene or whatever, and I was completely confused about the plot and bored. I almost turned it off, then this dude came flying like ten meters out of flocking nowhere, and the main character jumps in and kicks the entire crappy band over in one shot. Then he goes around kicking people's asses only stopping to ask where his elephants are. It was flocking bad ass.
  22. uTorrent is good, but I use Azureus.
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