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  1. The current release of iDeaS does not play any commercial rom. For Dawn fo Sorrow the current version will play the intro very very slow (about 2-3fps) They are (as far as I know) are working on a new version (as mentioend in the news area about iDeaS) and it has not been posted yet. Their website hasn't been updated since then, and no news out in the scene yet.
  2. Kung Pow is a horrible movie. Honestly. Stephen Chow however is hilarious. Kung Fu Hustle 2 is rumored to come out next year.
  3. I like autumn. Everything is colorful and thats the season I was born in. I live in the desert so there isn't very cold durring the winter.
  4. From Monuments to Masses` new CD I picked it up at their show tonight!
  5. it's all about subtitles. i watch a lot of asian films
  6. I remember hearing on the news a few years back (like 1997 or so) that some girl ate some undercooked meat at Jack in The Box and became really sick and eventually died. After that I didn't really eat much meat, let alone any resturant food.
  7. there are more then that on the cube: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/list_rpg.html
  8. Sure they all do have good games, but I can't afford to buy all the systems and games so I stick to what I like.
  9. i'm 100% behind nintendo and their games. but i also like a lot of playstation games.
  10. I just got the Dragon Quest VIII demo in the mail today (for ps2) I don't really like it though.
  11. You got the URL wrong. http://ttadvance.com
  12. »» Sourceforge Project Page
  13. I am pretty new to the scene. Even though I have been playing with emulators since NESticles came out. But I am just getting into the community of things. It was hard then getting online with my crappy 33,6kbps modem. Hopefully I can find some good news for you people to read.
  14. I liked the Sonny Chiba street fighter mvoies.. Though they had nothing to do with the game Anyway I didn't think the RE movies weren't too bad.
  15. been listening to The Haunted's CD "Revolver" the past week.
  16. A Tracker. Much like LSDj on the gameboy.
  17. the rock is fine for the lead.. IF the game is in teh first person and he doesnt talk.
  18. Welcome to the crew BRP! Your sprite artist is awesome.
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