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  1. Neat. Nice to have another very knowledgable person on here.
  2. Ook.. haven't checked in here for a while. I picked this up and it is a beauty. It runs at 30 fps on all low settings with an ATI x700 Pro (Equivalent to a GeForce 6600) but still very enjoyable. I dislike the framerate drops and bloated static engine, but it is extremely fun and intuitive. I finally completed all the quests for the Thieve's Guild so now I am the Guildmaster and got a free house from it. I'm a level 20 Journeyman of Sneak, Speechcraft, Athletics, Acrobatics, Marksman, Security, and Mercantile with 100 Agility and 92 Speed. Some couple annoying perks, but definitely a gem.
  3. Holy nice! I don't subscribe to EGM but this quite a feat, maybe you guys will gain a lot more members. Major props to Sypherce and the whole 1emu team. Congrats!
  4. It's going to be all the rage in the Sudan, I can tell.
  5. Well, it definitely should. It has great battery life, great games, Nintendo supported online play, and a touch screen. It's not something that tries to smash every possible use together into one mediocre experience.. *cough*
  6. If I could go to Japan, I'd be all over this like a priest on an altar boy.
  7. Holy CRAP. Now they think they're going to rebuild that after they obliterated most of it.. wow.
  8. Oh yes GC, what happened with that radio? It just connected forever, didn't even give me any ICY error. Haha, not to make you multitask more or something.
  9. Cracked in a few days? Damn. Nice.
  10. When I did some research on it, it turns out it's called Ersatz. I downloaded it and hosted it on my FTP. Enjoy. Mod's edit: Do not post links to commercial songs
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