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  1. »» Homepage »» http://www.halleyscometsoftware.com/mboard...d=48&showpage=8
  2. the only games i looked forward to for the playstatio nwas metal gear, and then they ported katamari damacy and now i can't get enough of it.
  3. What are SFV files? SFV (Simple File Verificator) files are used to ensure if files are: - not corrupt - not missing For example, with RARs it's important that we got all the parts and that none of the RAR files is corrupt... If it is RAR will tell us (if its new RAR that is). However to know that rar file 020 is corrupt we need to have previous 19 files to test... SFV allows us to test any file at any time without the need to have other files. more info: http://dreamlover.tecbox.com/faqsfv.htm
  4. That's why I like FPS games online. I can sit down for an hour, kill some fools then go about my business. Same goes with arcade emulation.
  5. I just started replaying Rise of The Dragon for SegaCD. I love that game!
  6. I haven't used bittorrent in a few months. My ISP doesn't like it when I use it.
  7. I remember reading an article about a guy in Japan who murdered someone (in real life) for stealing his virtual sword on an MMORPG. And another article about how lady who killed her boyfriend for playing too many online games.
  8. All the people I know with a cube traded it in for a DS and some DS games. I still have my cube, I tried to trade it in to EBGames but they wouldn't take it cos they had too many in stock.
  9. from the video review at IGN of Black and White 2, it doesn't seem very fun. What a bummer. uess I'll be waiting for Quake 4.
  10. That's so awesome. I hope Nintendo and other developers put out some more wifi games. I should preorder Mario Kart
  11. My eye sight is so terrible that those things don't work on me.
  12. Good grammar and english, trustable, nice, not a biatch to handle. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That seems like an easy task.
  13. Fserve is used to share files via IRC. This might explain it more in better detail. http://www.slyck.com/irc.php?page=5
  14. What are the requirements/duties of being on staff, besides what has already been stated above?
  15. heh heh i had to fix the animation for that gif.
  16. There are a few trailers at GT: http://gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=156
  17. Anyone get Black and White 2 yet? I wanna know if it is as fun as the first one before I grab it. (was released today oct 4) I think.
  18. Hmm I dunno about that but I do know there are patches for PSX games that you can make Pal to NTSC, and vice versa. But I am not sure if thats what you're looking for?
  19. It appears to be a Squid. But I could be mistaken. I didn't make it.
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