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  1. Read the rules!.. Wait nevermind you'll probably get banned instead.
  2. »» Download Thanks to AEP-Emu for the update.
  3. »» Homepage Thanks to AEP-Emu for the news.
  4. that game is fun. I've been playing a mixture of Shadow of the Colossus & Soul Calibur 3.
  5. AdvanceCOMP is a collection of recompression utilities for your.ZIP archives,.PNG snapshots,.MNG video clips and.GZ files. »» Homepage
  6. FmsxDS is an MSX emulator for the Nintendo DS. »» Homepage
  7. I rocked SC3 for a few hours. Now I am watching cheesy horror movies on IFC!
  8. swapmagic3.com has a big list of online retailers.
  9. i plan to play soul calibur 3 all niught.
  10. my friend works at a target in wisconsin(sp) i asked him if this were true, and he said "I HIGHLY doubt it". :\
  11. They are open Beta at the moment. I just played Silkroad for awhile. It was pretty fun. I don't think I'm gonna try out Ran though. Thescreens didn't appeal to me.
  12. When you goto GameFAQs you're fine.. But when you step into their messageboards it turns into GameFAGs.
  13. Silkroad Online Screens: Homepage: http://www.silkroadonline.net The client seems to only download when using IE. System Req: Ran Online I couldn't find any info but the client download works. Homepage: http://ranonline.e-games.com.my/index_eng.asp Client Download: http://files.filefront.com/RAN+Onlineen+OB...;/fileinfo.html Screens: System Req:
  14. been listening to thius chiptune stream all day: http://anka.org:8080/fresh.ogg.m3u from http://www.kohina.com/
  15. I have the game on my HDD still. It'sa fun way to kill some time, but nothing beyond that. The movie "Dragon Head" was a movie about a bunch of people going crazy and killing each other after a natural disaster. It was a fun movie to watch though. http://www.dangerouscopilot.com/?p=10 <-info
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