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  1. i'm sick of the ever changing ipod! i like the minis better. to bad they aren't selling thsoe anymore.
  2. whoo im glad i still ahve my sega cd. still have that game too.
  3. 2 minutes in and i can tell ya that they did a pretty cruddy job on the voices. oh well i'll still watch it. but i am sure after 5 or so episodes i'll get used to it. even if they did edit out the blood. but he still does hissexy jutsu, just no nose bleeds
  4. Ran great for me. Awesome update! Thansk for the news!
  5. I hope it is watch-able. One thing that twill bug me out will be when he says his name. Cos they probably wont say it sir name first. Honestly "Naruto Uzumaki" doesn't sound as cool as "Uzumaki Naruto"
  6. I got my Dreamcast for free. My oldest brother was DJing for Methods of Mayhem while they were at Ozzfest that year. Sega was one of the sponsors, and tehy gave everyone there a free Dreamcast and a crap load of games. My brother didn't play video games so he gave it to me.
  7. burning dc isos to cd and palying them on teh dc without the need of a modchip ><
  8. yeah. psp doesn't interest me that much. the ds didn't either, but i found one for $99.00 so i bought it. yes it was used, but it is 100% good. now that i have it, i love it.
  9. Sweet. My bro has a PSP I'll tell him to pick it up when it is released I'm all about the DS though. I love that thing.
  10. I am no fan of IGN but it has some good info on it sometimes.
  11. Actually they have something like 50 eps. From what I've read they're playing it safe and seeing if the show will be a hit. Then they'll get more. Some Naruto boards I've been to are bemoaning the flood of new members that will inevitably arrive, as well as the obvious problems related to spoilers, since the series is so far ahead. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The first 50 or so are the best episodes. I think it will be a hit, even if the dubbing is subpar. Oh well only 11 more days til it airs on Cartoon Network. I got my TiVO set to record.
  12. or stab soemone over a fictional sword! crazy people. i know the addiction, my friend plays WoW from the time he comes from work to the time he goes to sleep. it's pretty terrible. i've only played the free korean mmorpgs, and the star wars one when fileplanet was givign away 11 day free trial activation keys. i'm mroe of an fps man myself.
  13. i like the show, and i don't mind it coming to the u.s. for the above they can butcher dbz all they want cos not even the orginal of that show is any good. as long as the fansubs keep coming out who cares if it airs here. i think the company who licensed it only got like the first seven or ten episodes anyway.
  14. I don't think that I ever watched nascar ever. Unless you count those clip-shows where they only show the accidents..
  15. intersting the screens look crisp but i wouldnt turst it.
  16. what? no skifree? chips challenge? or jezball? boo to you microsoft:D
  17. that looks interesting. i dont even have a dvd burner.
  18. i once found a compact flash card that had some dirty pictures on it. oh the horror!
  19. yeah i know all about movie. argh it sucks, a few months ago i was living out of a hotel for a a month or so. it was murder and expensive, but i am nice and situated in this little town in california.
  20. I am more interested in the Aeon Flux live action movie. I really dug the animation when I was younger.
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