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  1. haha this was just posted on joystiq: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/mousedown/revo.swf ahaha great stuff.
  2. Playing with the mouse/keyboard combo is the only thing that messed up my wrists. I think this new design is great, But I don't think it would be fun all teh time. Cos on my DS sometimes I get tired of using the stylus and just want to use the d-pad, but since the games that need the stylus don't use the dpad at all its rough. It has good and bad qualities.
  3. Odds are these new "techs" you see the characters do in the fillers will never been seen again, in a non-filler episode.
  4. There are two Katamari games for the PS2. Both in English. One came out a while back, and the other one was recently released this month I believe. Great games. The only reason why I haven't sold my PS2 yet.
  5. Good ol Katamari. Theres rumor that they are also making one for the DS. But I dunno if thats true or not. My bro has the PSP so I'll have to bogard it when it is released!
  6. i dunno i liekd the last ones. the ending was weak but it was enjoyable. i stopped reading the manga after kakashi's gaiden. so when it gets back on track i'll start reading it again.
  7. Indeed. What about "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" or "Spyhard"
  8. Ace Venture had it's moments but it gets annoying after a while.
  9. Airplane! - Hot Shots - Porky's - National Lampoons European Vacation
  10. Theres a video demo on this site: http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/2005/09/16/443527.html
  11. I dunno I love my DS. Anyway I hope G4's coverage on the 27th is good.
  12. Looks interesting, probably gonna have lots of attachments to it. HQ picture http://www.nrupdates.com/hands_2Don_2Dthe_...15054930644.jpg
  13. LOL Honestly. Is this the part were you proclaim the SNES Generation of RPGs to be the best? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Haha no I am not saying anything like that. Maybe my personal thoughst on Final Fantasy before the PSX. But at the time FF7 came out I was getting tired of turn-based battles. I am more into the real-time battles. No waiting around for things to happen.
  14. heh whoops. my bad. you can lock this.
  15. Is the offcial kaillera serverlist @ kaillera.com offcially dead? i haven't been able to connect to it in a long while. Anyone have some info on this?
  16. Offensive how is that? I tried watching it twice and it just didn't do anything for me, hence why it was boring, as for the games they are the same way. You site through a bunch of boring dialog, get some nice eye-candy, then more dialog. It just didn't have anything to offer me besides visuals and that isn't enough for me to stay interested.
  17. I am not a big final fantasy fan after the 7 came out. For me this movie was much like the game. Lots of eye candy but it was very boring to sit through. I don't mind subtitles, in fact I watch at least 3-4 foreign movies a week. butwhile I was watching this I just wanted it to be over. That rarely happends when I watch a movie. It's good for the FF7 fans though.
  18. Any GBA game I have a hard time playing without a save state. Playing roms for so long when I actually play the carts its hard. Especially games like Blaster Master on the NES.
  19. hmm it wasn't a hoax. a friend of mien went down to bestbuy and they had a few of the titles. but not all of them.
  20. Thanks for the news there. I might have to pick me up some GAB titles
  21. the only nes carts i have left are 01.) Bubble Bobble 02.) The Adventures of Link 03.) Rush 'n Attack (the sticker on the cart says Rygar, but it's a hoax) 04.) Gauntlet II 05.) Blaster Master 06.) Kung Fu Heros 07.) Kung Fu 08.) Ice Climber 09.) Excite Bike 10.) Urban Champion 11.) Pro Wretsling 12.) Final Fantasy I i'm selling them for 15 bucks each or 170 for all if anyone is interested. also have an nes for sale 45.00 w/ 2 controllers power pack and an rf cable though the rf cable is for sega
  22. yuck! i'd rather have a hd version.
  23. that's a high price! maybe i should sell my nes carts on ebay... but i only have the carts, no boxes or booklets.
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