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  1. once a day, sometimes two depending how hot it is or what i did that day.
  2. The download is online now @ http://download.dofus.com/
  3. It's only about 50mbs says teh website. But I think that it is flash-based.
  4. Thanks I spent a little bit more time with this one. http://www.fabrica.it/flipbook/flipbook_pl...8259-6621538159 It's about 75 frames I think.
  5. And some prof. help!! j/k here is a new one. http://www.fabrica.it/flipbook/flipbook_pl...6496-6621538159
  6. If anyone is into the same kind of look as Ragnarok the popular MMORPG there is a new open beta that starts today called Dofus. Link: http://community.dofus.com/index.php Download Link: http://download.dofus.com/ Screens:
  7. d/l it here (i hope its okay to post this clip)
  8. Last Blade Last Blade 2 King of Fighters 2000 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Samurai Shodown IV
  9. What's sad is that a lot of people didn't know where that song is from. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like the version that the hardcore group "Botch" do. It's so awesome. If you're into that kind of music check it out.
  10. Absolutly hilarious! I have not been disappointed with the new episodes.
  11. Man I used to love that site. I made a few. I made this one a motnh or so ago: http://mjsmooth.ytmnd.com/ My fav cartoon right now is Naruto (don't flame me) but also like family guy/simpsons/avatar. I pretty much only watch cartoons. But I am also addicted to canadian melodrama.
  12. I've got nothing but time. Thanks for the kudos! Too bad flash wasn't popular when I took computer animation! Here ya guys go http://www.fabrica.it/flipbook/flipbook_pl...8763-6621538159
  13. Here I made one. http://www.fabrica.it/flipbook/flipbook_pl...6715-6621538159
  14. Another noob. Been browsing for a while now, finally got around to registering. Great site btw.
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