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  1. I got Quake 4, and the single player is pretty much Doom 3. :\
  2. »» Download/SF Project Page
  3. So, what is it you ask? Well its a lightweight and simple, yet fully customizable MOD player. Featuring skinsupport, so that you can make your own 100% custom MOD player! All your friends will be jealous as hell... thats guaranteed! »» Homepage »» Download *Apologies for the late news.
  4. Sorry to bring this thread back to life but for any fans who haven't seen the latest episode..
  5. http://www.deviantart.com/view/23494579/
  6. So quick to judge something when you haven't even tried it. :\
  7. the mods blew too, and the mods i liked for Quake 3 were better made on Half-Life (Action Half-Life/ Team Fortress) And more people played them. the only mod i really liked was Urban Terror it was fun to play with a couple of my friends.
  8. did they rename the band to Depress Mode?
  9. The reason why most accessory controllers fail is because of the fact they are only for one or two games. By making it a standard controller for all of their games it should do better then the accessory controllers in the past. I can play Duck Hunt and Gumshoie all day on NES but its still only for a few games. I loved the Time Crisis series in the arcades but I don't feel its worth it to buy the game with its light gun if its only going to be used for that one game.
  10. the sex scenes were removed from the U.S. version. I enjoyed the game for a while but I lost interest in it after a few days playing it.
  11. If the games are fun I am all for it. It's the games that make the console!
  12. GP32 is a MAME port for the GP32 handheld. »» Homepage/Download
  13. No description for mame32fx posted yet. Sorry for the delay. »» Homepage »» Download/Source
  14. Yeah Quake 3 blew. However the replay value for most FPS is their online play. From what I hear F.E.A.R. really bites. The single player demo was fu nand ran great, but the full game does not work on my PC. From what I've heard Quake 4 isn't very impressive in terms of graphics compaired to Doom 3. It's slightly upgraded but nothing new.
  15. 80 bucks for a show? What a rip off. I never pay anything more then $8.00 a show, that does not include any merch I buy while there.
  16. I alreayd have a router.. But I will probably get a dongle aswel.
  17. I am all about Quake 4, but I think I need to upgrade my GFX card.
  18. It looks like a television remote, because it is a remote. Nintendo said something along the lines of not wanting to design a new controller that people would have to get used to, so instead they used the design of something most people should already be used to.
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