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  1. Read the rules!.. Wait nevermind you'll probably get banned instead.
  2. »» Download Thanks to AEP-Emu for the update.
  3. »» Homepage Thanks to AEP-Emu for the news.
  4. that game is fun. I've been playing a mixture of Shadow of the Colossus & Soul Calibur 3.
  5. AdvanceCOMP is a collection of recompression utilities for your.ZIP archives,.PNG snapshots,.MNG video clips and.GZ files. »» Homepage
  6. FmsxDS is an MSX emulator for the Nintendo DS. »» Homepage
  7. I rocked SC3 for a few hours. Now I am watching cheesy horror movies on IFC!
  8. swapmagic3.com has a big list of online retailers.
  9. i plan to play soul calibur 3 all niught.
  10. my friend works at a target in wisconsin(sp) i asked him if this were true, and he said "I HIGHLY doubt it". :\
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