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  1. I don't think the power glove counts as a controller. Just an accessory. Kind of like the Light guns they don't list for NES/SNES/PSX etc.
  2. This site is nice and eays to use. http://www.portforward.com/
  3. I remember playing SMurfs for the Colecovision with that awful controller and dail.
  4. I have gotten free tickets to every one of Tony Hawk's "Boom Boom Huck Jam" event.
  5. Yeah. It's fun until you have wait for the room operator to start the game, or wait for enough people to join your room for it to be fun.
  6. I use ubuntu myself. It is a great distro. The only other distro I've used was Fedora Core 1 & 2. But Ubuntu is by far my favorite, and very easy to use. As I am an ultra-n00b when it comes to linux. Ubuntu uses the Gnome GUI, but if you get Kubuntu it uses KDE (which I never liked) Ubuntu website: http://ubuntulinux.org/ Kubuntu website: http://www.kubuntu.org/ Friendly Community Forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/ A walkthrough once you get the OS installed: http://ubuntuguide.org/ The only good image editor on Linux that I found to be good was GiMP: http://gimp.org/ Which comes with Ubuntu install disc. Here is a screenshot of my Ubuntu desktop taken a few months ago using the Gnome GUI: http://dangerouscopilot.com/xfer/store/Screenshot.png
  7. I just started replaying the nes classic of Zelda on gba. also playing a bit of fahrenheit myself. awesome game.
  8. The Ts on the PSP's "Start" button look like Fs. The DS looks nice, but it would look better with brighter buttons. Instead of having the logos on the buttons (for the PSP) extrude out try just using a texture on the buttons.
  9. I resized about 100 photos for my brother and he bought me a new computer.
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/73911706@N00/...ool-flickrtoys/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/73911706@N00/...ool-flickrtoys/
  11. From the trailer, that was Kojima making fun of FPSers. If you didn't notice that "Snake" held up the FPS guy. But with sniper rifles tehre is a scope in all the MGS games remember?
  12. No sweat! I really liked the CQC from Snake Eater, I found myself doing that to the enemies more then using the weapons. So much more fun to slit someones throat then to shoot them from afair... But that didn't stop me from getting a few head shots with the sniperrifle.
  13. Yeah he posted a link to it already. And it's just a concept by IGN. I forsee many attachments.
  14. I made a crappy chiptune song with "rise from your grave" as the intro. too bad i lost the file I suck at making music.
  15. You can grab it here: http://tallah.org/video/mgs4.wmv (right click save as)
  16. Batman: The Movie (1966) Batman: "Hold on Robin, let me get my anti shark spray"
  17. That concept makes a lot of sense. It'd be great if it were offcial.
  18. Have you seen the thing the PSP is going to have for MG Acid 2? The Solid Eye: http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/09/14/news_6133218.html A friend and I were making jokes that what Snake was using in the trailer was the Solid Eye
  19. Ahh thanks for the link. I don't remember too much from MGS2 previews.
  20. Good job Kojima, for confusing me. I know it isn't pre-rendered and real time, but is that part of the game or something they cooked up for the trailer?
  21. From what I've read on another thread is that Snake is just a code name. But who knows, I had throught someone said that the Sanke we all know and love would be retired after Snake Eater. The trailer looks good, I wonder if thats actual game footage or just a video put together to show off the idea around the game.
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