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  1. I use a 2wire homeportal 1000HG for my internet connection. Whem i try to connect with any of the wifi programs it will not quite connect. it says connected but i have been unable to do anything at all. no UDP, no DNS, none of the existing homebrew. and i wondered if anyone knows wheather this is a problem with the DS and Homeportal or with the DSwifi lib and Homeportal... i turned off my WEP just in case but that didnt work either... any help much appreciated...
  2. there is somthing wrong with what i'm doing apparently. when i push a button it wont turn off. and when i push multiple buttons they arrepegio e.g. notepad spews lr48ab26xy over and over again. this stops when i kill the computer side but not the ds side so i assume it is a problem with the computer side... what am i doing wrong?
  3. Hmmmm... it took me about 2 minutes to find the mario kart ROM on a site... It worked perfectly on my supercard... Then i deleted it. dont want to support piracy or anything but the guys who supply this kind of stuff are very good at what they do.
  4. Question: How do I recive the UDP message? I tried NC for NT in UDP listen mode but nothing happened... Anybody else have this working?
  5. Thats what pebbles PC does. it's intended for PDA's but the protocal seems very simple and the pebbles team were nice enough to give me the headers that contained all the constants! I'm gonna have that done about a day after the lib comes out...
  6. Online games like flash and java games? or online games like WoW and Starcraft? or online games like stolen copies of mario kart? Most likely WoW will never happen. I agree with JaJa on piracy. its wrong. however flash/java _might_ happen someday if sun or macromedia give out source(e.g. almost never) or if somebody makes an implimentation themselves(which pobibly violates some law or somthing...)
  7. Heh, this is awsome sgstair! i loaded this on via WMB and took it up to the local Xmas tree farm(a couple of miles) and it picked up over 200 networks!
  8. heh, i would like to know about AP mode too... (if the DS could go into AP mode then you could have a web server on your DS along with a DNS server and anybody who connects to it could get directed to your DS if noone else was around... also good way to access files off card maybe...)
  9. If you are low on cash, get the passme and gbamp from dspassme.com: $40 If you want romz and cruft and future expandability(e.g. big homebrew), The supercard from hopebuy.com: SD $49 or CF $40 plus superpass $15 M3 I have no idea about, so it might be good might not. it looks pretty good though. 89.95 from divineo.cn I have personally purchased a supercard sd and a gbamp and used both the superpass and passme(thought:i plugged the passme into the supercard into the ds but no it still needs a real game at the end....) and i would recomend the gbamp for the sole purpose of dslinux because it works very well for that. for anyone else i would recomend a supercard SD or CF.
  10. its a rather big key...(i think it was 2048 bits or something like that) seeing as how cracking time increases exponentially, that would take a lot more that twice a 1024 bit key... i think its just too big a job right now. though a big distributed effort might do it...
  11. Ya know whats funny? it took me ages to figure this out... i was trying all sorts of complex combos when i realized there probly wasn't an "ing"
  12. Hacking? My network dont need no hacking...(no encryption hehe i live where nobody else knows crud about computers exept ryaxnb2)
  13. all you would need for vnc and a lot more would be a java virtual machine! (the version of vnc i have hosts a java applet client under http on like port 2777 or somthing like that.)
  14. yep thats wht i ment. thanks sgstair!
  15. Will there be support for Mulitple connections? Is the hardware/will the software supporting of multiple connections from the same device? just checking.
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