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  1. Oh man thats horrible! I like how the games are just a detachable screen for the NeoDoubleGames.
  2. Seal Online will be open beta in the U.S. soon: http://www.sealonline.com/
  3. I use my PS2 controller to play games. I bought a cheap-o style arcade stick from ebay, but it didn't work right. I didn't make a fuss about it since it was only a dollar.
  4. If you check out the offcial page for iDeaS they have screenshots claiming they are running Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow at 32fps. screenshots: | The current version of iDeaS runs the intro but it's laggy and eats up a lot of ram. My own screenshot: »» Homepage
  5. I've been listening to the Reggae station on Sirius all day. Last five tracks: Buju Banton - Pensive Mood Cocoa Tea - Good Life Fred Locks - Black Star Liner Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey Ernest Ranglin - Surfin'
  6. Yeah. Above the d-pad. since there are not grips on the psp. he said it was uncomfortable to play because he doesnt have frekishly long thumbs!
  7. Great news indeed! I am trying to learn as much as I can about DS homebrews and what not. Thanks for your hardwork SgStair.
  8. Yes it's true. I never watched X-Play until G4 canned Call for Help & The Screensavers. I stopped watching The Screen Savers when Leo & Pat left. Honestly, who ever thought Kevin Rose should be allowed host a television show made a huge mistake. The guy is a tool and think's he knows everything. But now I only watch that channel if someone says "hey you gotta see this" I didn't even watch the TGS coverage yesterday.
  9. My bro thinks the analog stick should be up higher. He has a hard time playing Death Jr.
  10. Final Puzzle Bobble Fantasy As long as they keep dishing out fun Puzzle Bobble games I'm okay with it.
  11. I'm waiting for a beta test for Ragnarok 2. I am not much of an MMORPG player cos I am too poor. I usually play betas till they go p2p.
  12. No. I have a DS. And in no way a fanboy.
  13. Is that a poprtable atari? hahahahaha
  14. I wish I had enough money to where I could destroy technology!
  15. The Gameboy Micro has gameboy advance graphics. (i dunno if you were talking about the micro)
  16. it's now known as "g4tv" here in the U.S. you know i'm a gamer as much as the next person.. but that channel is really boring. the only shows i watch are x-play & icons. they recently brought back call for help w/ leo, but the canadian crew are really boring talkers.
  17. Heck no! Thing is to small for my hands. Even the SP is too small for me. I just wish that the DS would play my old gameboy games.
  18. You gotta love Live television. I miss techtv.
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