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  1. Yep agreed Cinder. I use to have 1gb ram and even that was hell to play games at the highest setting. Anymore with the latest games it is safe to say 2gb on the pc ram. And go with a pci express card if you want to play the latest and greatest anyway.
  2. Hanging is too good for him. I say castrate the bastard then feed his own balls to him. Or better yet make him have sex with Osma Bin Laden. Then stick a cattle prode up their ass and hook that up to some 480 three phase volts. The bastards cost me my sister and I hope they all die a very painful death. Hopefully when he hangs he doesn't die right away and lingers on for a few minutes.
  3. I will be buying the Ps3. Me and a friend are buying as many as we can get our greedy little mits on. Did the same thing with the Xbox, Ps2 and Xbox360. Then sold them on eBay for a nice profit. I would never pay the price for a new Ps3. But the rich parents of the spoiled brats out there will.
  4. Happy BDay to one and all. Hope you have the best BDay ever.
  5. Not that I know of and the remote for the Audigy 4 is sweet I use it everyday.
  6. With those speakers don't get the X-Fi as you will never here what it has to offer. Even the Audigy 4 you will not here what it has to offer with them speakers. Get the card Mooney suggests it will be all you need.
  7. Well me being all about sound I say go for Audigy 4 as long as you have the speakers to go with it. You will not be dissappointed.
  8. Yep kenny rocks. No idea why he is not in every ep.
  9. well wrestling is more than 50 percent fake all matches are fixed and only some moves are real and rest of them are fake ((wikipedia says this)) go search for a article abt wrestling,wwe,tna in wikipedia and u will know that wwe has been rated as medium real wrestling so that wont bother kurt angle much i think Wow, wrestling is fake? Really? I can't believe this! Oh my god my world is collapsing around me! And while it is all staged, "bumps" still take a toll on the body - they aren't slamming each other on cushions and pillows you know. And classic wrestling wasn't theatrical? Yes it was but they are running out of ideas now and it is showing. At least back then it was fresh and entertaining.
  10. You will become one soon n00b'ed! *Points to Jitway's member title* Ha Ha
  11. Says U. Givin it is free but there are many others out there that rival Winamap. You may have to pay for them but they exceed Winamp.
  12. Mine is Mp3Toys then Media Monkey. What is yours?
  13. Lose the sunglasses and stocking cap as they do nothing for u.
  14. I have just about stopped watching TV. The Commercials that come on every 10 minutes make me want to puck. I mean I know they are needed to generate revenue. But most anymore a lacking creativity and just plain boring. Anyone else feel that commercials need to go? If I pay for cable TV then I should be able to watch it commerical free. Right?
  15. I just talked my daughter in getting a flash cart for my grandsons ds and she is glad I did. I now get him a new game every week that she does not have to purchase....yah for being a pirate. Argh!
  16. WTF there is no doubles here....lol. Anyway 87 and counting.
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