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  1. I agree with Magnis. There are a lot of companies that do this and not just gametap. Though I do not pay for gametap services since I beta test for them. But I have had 2 isp's do this to me both AOL and MSN. Cancelled their service and got hit again by MSN and AOL got hit 4 times before it stopped with much calling and complaining. So it is not just limited to gametap. You seem to be on a gametap vendetta. Me I have no beef with them and their service to me is great. Have a few friends that subscribe to their service and no problems.
  2. Does it have a memory chip? Some do, open the case and see if you see something like a memory ram stick like those used in computers. If you find one remove it and then insert it again. Make sure the printer is unplugged when you do this.
  3. Being a former war survivor all I can say it that war will change you if you let it. Once you kill someone it will change you forever. Try to avoid it unless your life is on the line. Hope you serve your country well and live to tell about your journeys.
  4. Yep no reason to kill the dog no matter what she did to anyone. The dog is a inoccent victim. Too bad if the person is caught they do not face the same death as the dog. If the punishment fitted the crime there would be a lot less crimes.
  5. Welcome back from the dead. Never knew hell was blue thought it was red. Well there will be hell to pay anyway.
  6. Happy BDay solidus. Hope you have a great one.
  7. I feel so honored to be a part of this...lol. Oh and I am the father. Now where is my millions. BTW the character is very good of me. Even looks like me in my youth..lol.
  8. Try to watch the rest of Kenshin or Samurai X as it is called in Japan.
  9. I actually bought a Wii and got to say it is the best gaming system out there now. Doesn't cost a arm and leg and gets you really into the games. Getting out of the chair/sofa to interact is a plus for me at least.
  10. What is yours? I use to use Winamp and Foobar all the time but I came across MP3Toys from a friend. I got to say this is by far the best player I have ever experienced. It not only allows you too access your lastfm page but gives album art and lyrics. It catalogs albums by genre and alphabetic. I am hooked. And since I love it I am going to give one of you lucky peeps a chance to get it for nothing...that's right I am going to pay for it. What's the catch you say? Well let's say who can convince me they deserve it more. So post your comments why you want or deserve it more than others. Then after say 2 weeks I will decide who gets it and pay for it for you. If I get many responses to this I may give away 2 accounts and then it may go for 4 weeks to decide. Well get posting if you want the best player out here barnone. Mp3Toys Only stipulation is that you post it here Jitways Last Fm
  11. Ya Sonique was the stuff back in days but it just fell off. Guess they just decided to quit updating it. I still use winamp and a I use a skin that gives album covers but nothing to me compare to Mp3Toys for the ablum art and lyrics and organization to me. The only thing that comes close it maybe MediaMonkey.
  12. Ya sure do and wtf. I thought emulation was all about the gaming and the ways to emulate the crap...not about the money. I know it takes time to do it but if you are not willing to put forth the time and effort for free then why do it.
  13. Gaming music and music in general. We should have a forum just for gaming music and too talk about it and music in general. Music is the and has always been a big topic on the internet. Maybe even have music reviews for gaming and in general. I would be more then ok to give some reviews.
  14. I know this has probably been asked before but what is your favorite player? I use to use WinAmp but someone turned me on toe Mp3Toys and I have been hooked ever since. Yes I know it is now free but is well worth the money. It organizes your music as well and gives you info on artist and albums as well as the lastfm page you have setup. Check it out it comes with a free trial. MP3Toys
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