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  1. i would have to say wow, it's been a while since i last visited here, and i come back to this. carzy kids. it be pretty crazy if they could get the wii mote working with it.
  2. picking it up tonight, can't wait to try this. although soul cali 4 got most of my attention at the moment we'll see if this can take it away from it.
  3. fumanchu you know at the risk of being flamed i will have to agree, having just picked up the alpha collection in a bargain bin for my ps2, i think i'm content. really through we have 4 coming this year and then we also have ggpo for all our sf needs. then agian if your a die hard turbo fan i guess it really wouldn't mater if it was alpha or streetfighter 4.
  4. oh man, the toughest boss for me i would have to say was the last guy in shinobi for the ps2. i can beat that game straight through easy till i get to him. such a good game but that end boss is absurd. i still haven't beaten it to this day, lol maybe now i will try it again.
  5. yea pops is pretty damn good, the problem is finding the games you want to play. big fan but i find a lot of old games are better off as memory than revisiting. then again devil dice is still as good as it was for me day one.
  6. man that was so long ago, i was really into my xbox at the time and fbax, i was obsessed with getting alpha 3 working and i think i found this site in my search to get this working, shout out to Prican25 he was a big help.
  7. lol i've since moved onto xvid using gordian knot, but hell man this is awesome great post. great for those of us with a 360 or a ps3. did you hear divx certified soon.
  8. taiko drum master! so good. oh almost for got puzzle quest, and if you can deal with load times Spectral Souls.
  9. sigma was awesome man, i've played them all except 2, and when that one comes i will be sinking all my time into it. overall it's a good game, really hard at first till you learn how to play. once you do it becomes easier. you lean how to pull off moves and enemies become less of a pain. at no point did i feel it was cheap, well there were times but once i figured out what you had to do it no longer was cheap. bottom line is you have no excuse if you haven't played it. if you have a ps3 xbox or 360, just do it. and yes it is awesome for the ps3, being able to dual wield two swords makes it that much better.
  10. oh man i love this show, please please don't let the endding suck. berserk hurt me bad please don't let this one be like it. thank god for the fansubbers.
  11. nice thanks solidius23, i will be sending you a request soon. so far i'm actually impressed it's gotten a lot better since i last posted. it's been a pretty good time. the tekken online really isn't bad at all man. i know that you feel like it should of came with it, but online battles are pretty good.
  12. Hello guys First off let me get this off my chest this isn’t a fanboy rant. Im not saying one is better than the other, in fact I am getting a 360 soon, but I just need to let off some steam and hope to find a few friends on the psn network that’s all. I know I haven’t posted in a while so if you want to flame me please do it for that and not some crappy 360 vs ps3 fanboy rant. So here it is my story. I just picked up a ps3. I’ve been wanting to get one ever since I saw the Soul Caliber 4 trailer. I choose ps3 for this game because I love the dual shock or the PS controller. No hits to the xbox, I just love the ps controller for fighting games. It’s what I spent most of my fighting game time playing on. Anyways I love it. Picked up ninja gaiden sigma and love that as much as the first time on xbox. Now onto my gripe. Playing by your self sucks, (unless you count the other thing.) and what do I see on the psn network, Puzzle fighter (yes!) and Tekken. Holy crap this is what I dream of. Puzzlefighter online! and Tekken may not be streetfighter alpha 3 or soul caliber but it will do. I buy the damn games and get really excited. I log on, and can’t find a single game of puzzle fighter to play. It took me an hour of searching to find one game where the guy kicked my ass and ran. Common man! at least give a guy a chance for revenge. Tekken was a little better. It started out the same. For about an hour, I couldn’t find a damn soul. Eventually I learned that if you do a search for matches that use the microphone you hit pay dirt. That went really well. I suck at the game so it took me a while, bouncing out of rooms as well as getting kicked from some. (not noob friendly) but eventually I found people at my level and got a good game. It really did almost feel like I was at the arcades.(I can’t wait for sc4!) but in general man I was just disappointed at the lack of people online. Yes I know it’s because I’m on psn, but I just sotra thought it would better than it was. i wasn't expecting overfilled servers just smaller tighter community thats all. figure there would be less people but a steady group of online games not 50 games but at least 10 to play. oh well. lol reminds me of tenchu on the first xbox. oh man. On the other side I did encounter less snotty racist jerks online. The people who kicked me off their games didn’t talk much and I’m assuming it’s because I stumbled into a private game. But those are my thoughts anyone else here on the 1emu boards with a ps3 who like to play puzzlefighter or tekken? If there are please drop me a pm. Would love to expand my friends list. oh if this post is in the wrong area, sorry mods. i didn't know where it could go. i wanted to dump it into the sony section but there was no ps3 section.
  13. man last blade was such a good fighter. i loved both one and two i wish they put more of them out as well as took off. seemed no one liked it. great wide icons man. as soon as i have time i will post some too.
  14. that is quite sick looking Ebsy what are the dimensions for the wide thumbs?
  15. Man seriously why don’t you just sell off the damn thing. You clearly don’t like sony and you Cleary want nothing to do with them. I would love to sit and explain why I don’t think my psp dosen’t sucks and why I enjoy but I don’t think you would even listen. but really if I didn’t like my stereo I would sell it or give it away to a friend or someone else. If I didn’t like my mp3 player I would do the same. And if I didn’t like my gaming system I would do just that. Why keep it and spend money on games you clearly don’t want just so you can come on and say it sucks. It’s just a waste of time and money. Really, it really does boil down to what your into for games and the psp doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea. Dragonkeeper well said.
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