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  1. Love the OST from Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2. After that it would be Resident Evil.
  2. I overclocked my first AMD chip way back when and fried it in 20 seconds. That cost me at the time 3 bills. Lessoned learned never overclock unless you have money/cpu to burn...lol.
  3. Just seen Everyones Hero with the grandkids. Got to say I myself even enjoyed it. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.
  4. Looks really good. I too will not buy a ps3 not at the price. But as soon as it comes down I most likely will. But got to say the games for it are awesome so far that I have seen. Drools!
  5. Yep I use evil lyrics as well for winamp and works like a charm.
  6. Ya well me and my wife of 28 years do too but I was looking for the real music.
  7. And you thought this was dirty. Anyway who here has musical talent? As in playing instruments or singing or songwriting. I have plenty just want to know if any others that are gaming nerd and musical as well.
  8. More beer....AC/DC - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
  9. Yes very...but when they go on sale in the states I am going to buy one just so I can sell it on ebay and make a profit.
  10. Ah IC thanks for the info Weirdy
  11. Ok why can I not reach this thread or should I say why was it removed? Just asking. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...iew=getlastpost
  12. Well he did live life on the edge. R.I.P. Steve you will be missed.
  13. Work, watch the anime I dl, spend time with the grandkids and play in a couple local bands. Not in that order necessarily.
  14. Convert X to DVD by VSO Software works really well for me.
  15. Ya so where is the pron? Bring on the naked chics.
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