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  1. I play my Dreamcast and 3DO once a week as well as my N64 and SNES.
  2. This is truely sad. I think the radio station should give the kids a wii anyway and then setup a fund to let people donate to help them kids out. The radio station should be the first to contribute a large sum to it.
  3. Same here....though I work on PC'S so I spend a lot of time on them work related. But I can say that I do spend way too much time on them in my personal life. Playing games and composing music. The years fly by and I wonder how I ever got by life without a PC. Time stands still for no one especially on a computer.
  4. Merry Christmas one and all. May you get all you want and have a safe one.
  5. Since when do Kangaroo have anything to do with Christmas?
  6. Same here in Indiana nothing but Rain and more Rain. Been too damn warm, well the hell is the cold?
  7. Nothing really new. I have been doing this for others for over 6 years now...lol.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I will be in line for Black Friday right after the Turkey Dinner.
  9. Don't be stupid I don't blame Muslims in general. But Suddam if he had a nuke would launch it on the USA without any concern for anyone and yes he is just like his cousin, so he is to blame.
  10. The reason for the site is emulation first. Then a place for friends to hangout and talk about everything from gaming to real life. This is a place to feel free to ask the noob questions without getting a bashing and to find help as well as a community that is welling to be your friend.
  11. I lost her in the towers of 9/11. And it was because of Bin Laden and his cousin Saddam.
  12. Never! Why you ask? Cause I don't have one. Maybe I should start one, but who would want to here about a old fart like me. My life it exciting to me but probably not to others.
  13. Never trust MS and nice link Mooney. Thanks!
  14. No sympathy for the devil here. If I see either of them face to face I would put a bullet through their head no second thoughts.
  15. That is your right to disagree. Thats what makes democracy so great.
  16. I sure like this series but now it is getting a bit long. I hope it does not end up having as many eps as DBZ. I thought Inuyasha had a lot too. But the storyline is still good in Naruto so I still watch it.
  17. Can never have enough eye candy.
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