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  1. Why is site down?

    1. Jitway
    2. Robert


      Will it ever get fixed?

    3. Jitway


      Looking grimm


  2. Works great thanks and clicking on link works fine for me!
  3. Ya I have been keeping people informed on our Facebook page about this. Been more down than up lately.
  4. Well crap so much for making it to level 3000.
  5. Jitway

    Summer delays

    Dog days of summer got to love it. Well we are in a heat wave for this time of year here. Just set a record for this date at 74F. Tomorrow reality comes back as it will be in the 30'sF. Stay cool as you can Robert.
  6. Well over 200 now predictions for how long till 300?
  7. Jitway

    The end of MESSUI

    What no more Mame say it ain't so!!!!!
  8. Look like we are about to break 200 likes soon. The page has been getting a lot of views and likes lately....hope it lasts.
  9. I've tried to find Mag numerous times and posted everywhere but no one knows. It is like he vanished from the face of the earth and the internet...lol!
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