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  1. That is freaking amazing. I have had it running on 9 before but never even thought about 24.
  2. Congrats Robert. You got the promotion now whats next?
  3. Happy BDay one and all. Damn you all are so young. Aww to dream of being young again...lol
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes one and all. Another year older but not necessarily wiser.
  5. Guess upper management should take a pay cut for the good of the company.
  6. Older women you got to love em.
  7. Hey Fatal glad to see ya again. BTW hows the love life going?
  8. Started drinking at 6pm New Years Eve and passed out at 12:01 am New Years Day. Drank about 3/4 of a bottle of tequila. Did not wake up till Noon New Years Day with the mother of all hangovers.
  9. Real nothing smells quite like a real one.
  10. Merry Christmas one and all and have a very hungover New Year. I know I will.
  11. To not get as drunk as I did last New Years Eve but it looks like I am about to break this resolution.
  12. I got the iRiver PMP-120 and bunch of other what nots.
  13. I will be headbanging when I am in a wheelchair.
  14. Ok Magnis I updated my radio playlist and added to studio versions of songs I did. These are not the final versions they were takes we did before the final rellease so you will here the out takes in the background. Look for them under the name deliverence.
  15. I do not like rap of any kind. But then again I am a old metalhaed from way back.
  16. LOL ya that is what it is screaming at times and this old voice cannot take that anymore. Hmm I love fried spam!
  17. Playing the axe is my strong point singing is not but I will see what I can do. Aslo broke the 1tb barrier just the other day!
  18. And ya know it still got the Live365 going strong got quite a few listeners even.
  19. Still sharen the warez here and livin the life or trying to. Been playing a lot more music with local bands and even went on a tour with one.
  20. Been playing the beta for awhile and got to say can't wait for the game to hit the shelves.
  21. Good site there magnis my man!
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