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  1. Anyone one attend these here? I recently went ot Ozzfest, Sammy Hagar, Posion/Cinderella, Lynrnd Skynrd and Roger Walters. I am going to see Queensyrche next month.
  2. How about implementing flashchat on this forum so we can have a live chat with each other.
  3. I have been playing alot lately. Been filling in for a couple local bands. I even played with my nephews band at a place called Emerson Theater here. Mostly it is for up coming hard rock, metal and alternative bands. The Red Chord ( they played at Ozzfest this year) was the band my Nephews band opened for. It was fun being a oldtimer there and showing the youngins how it is really done.
  4. Has anybody bought or DL the DVD with the deleted scenes and alternate ending? Just wondering cause I am thinking about buying it. Is it good and how are the other endings?
  5. 80 and counting. Will get there one day...lol.
  6. Ya why convert a cue bin file. Just burn them with cdrwin. I have used that since the beginning back in the 90's and never had one burn bad for psx.
  7. I got many mp3 players from 1gb to 60gb. Mostly on mine is every Tesla, Pink Floyd, Warrant, AC/DC, Pantera, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Sammy Hagar and lots of other Metal/Hard Rock bands.
  8. Hey I like the NBA 07 and Madden 07 games. I don't know what all this big gripe is about. Get a life peeps and if you hate it don't buy it ....end of story.
  9. That is just plain stupid. Waste of bandwith.
  10. Anything by Steven King or Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I have read them all and when Steven brings out new ones I read them whether they get bad reviews or not. I also like Clive Barkers books as well.
  11. Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho and Fullmetal Alchemist
  12. I don't believe this is possible since these systems don't store browser data like PCs do. Spyware works by saving files or secretly installing files onto your computer. It can even modify registry entrys in Windows. These video game systems don't have anywhere for spyware or viruses to "download" themselves to so you should be safe from these kinds of things. I also don't think that anyone would be twisted enough to make a virus for any internet capable video game system. That would just be messed up. Can't happen. Maybe someday but as for now.....no way.
  13. Do some acid and then you should be able to write or at least not care if you do or not.
  14. Ah youth. I remember the days I use to say 20 and 1/2. But now it is 47 and soon to be 48 and I wish I was 30 again....lol.
  15. Because roms are illegal to download.
  16. I got quite a collection in plastic of course. Like some vintage superman, batman, x-men, Hulk, spiderman, the archies, the avengers, green hornet but my favorite of all time is The Silver Surfer got them all. Love the storyline and the character of course. My collection was estimated 4 years ago at 130,000.
  17. Yep all the theatrics in wrestling anymore sickins me. Take me back to the good old days of Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker. Kurt Angle is a wuss.
  18. Yep that is a deal. Hell pass it my way if you don't want it...lol.
  19. 47 and yes I still game and can headbang or mosh with the best.
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