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  1. sorry to post again,but devhook update thing is frozen at directory:ms0/dh/302/f1/net...... have i done something wrong?
  2. Just find some good video podcasts to keep you occupied or get some vids from google...dunno why but i enjoy watching videos more on psp than a computer
  3. OK i will try it,if i dont do it right is there any chance of a brick? like if i put a file in the wrong place by accident?
  4. I absolutely cannot find a tutorial for this, I googled it but all i could find was a downgrader(i previously bricked my 1st psp with this downgrader so im not doing that again!) so if anyone could help me, i would really appreciate it. (also need a DL link)
  5. um,firstly i never said i wanted to play oblivion.....i said it COULD play oblivion I am planning on getting Call of Duty 2 and maybe first encounter assault recon and secondly i said i was going to upgrade to 380 maybe 510,even though its not much it will help. edit: by the way this one looks like it might be good x16 pci express $60 its $50 after mail in rebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814153017
  6. well i am saving for a lot of pc upgrades,i have 256 mb ram but i will have 380,then i might get a 120gb hard drive
  7. Alright, i have been searching for a long time for a new gfx card,and my birthday is coming up I asked my parents for a graphics card for my birthday they said pick one that wasnt too expensive(including shipping)but anyway,i was wondering if this was a good deal http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102410 i wont get any money,but this looks pretty good. one guy said he ran Oblivion flawless on all high settings! i was wondering what you guys think.
  8. I have a nintendo DS(blue,it looks freakin' sweet ) i was wondering if its worth 130 more dollars to get a nintendo DS lite. I'm either thinking of loading up on homebrew equpment or get a NDSL.
  9. its coming up in a few days,can't wait! ill get it as soon as i buy my ZVUE player(will take me a few weeks to get some money for the game)
  10. by"scared me half to death" i meant the lyrics and stuff.*shivers* and someone did the scary thing to mea few days ago with the jingle bells one lol on youtube. but no,I wouldn't do that to unsuspecting people(sometimes) you want me to post the Led Zeppelin one? EDIT:heres a lot of em including the stairway to heaven one: http://jeffmilner.com/backmasking.htm edit2:now i know why some people think pokemon is the devil LOL!
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