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  1. Why is site down?

    1. Jitway
    2. Robert


      Will it ever get fixed?

    3. Jitway


      Looking grimm


  2. Works great thanks and clicking on link works fine for me!
  3. Ya I have been keeping people informed on our Facebook page about this. Been more down than up lately.
  4. Well crap so much for making it to level 3000.
  5. Jitway

    Summer delays

    Dog days of summer got to love it. Well we are in a heat wave for this time of year here. Just set a record for this date at 74F. Tomorrow reality comes back as it will be in the 30'sF. Stay cool as you can Robert.
  6. Winter is damn early...lol. Going to be frozen munchins tonight!

  7. Getting ready to headbang in Columbus Ohio. Going to see Helloween \m/

  8. It is always so quiet in here. Have to think out loud or at least think outside the box!

  9. Another round of Headbanging with my Grandson today. Going to see Asking Alexandria. HORNS UP \m/\m/

  10. Jitway

    Back in action

    I got space and bandwith you can use just let me know
  11. Off to an all day Metal Fest. Got 9 bands to see. Starts at 4 and ends whenever. Children of Bodom are the headliners. HORNS UP! \m/

  12. Nice piece there GC but social networks are the future I hate to say it. Hell we even have 1emulation on there...lol.
  13. The rain is back and so are the ducks in my flooded yard...lol

    1. emsley



    2. Robert


      Show us a picture of those ducks

    3. Jitway


      Well yard is dried up but next big rain I will post some


  14. The Greatest Spectacle in Racing Today

  15. Is there anyone out there? Just knock if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home.

    1. Alpha


      I'm back. Post explaining why soon

  16. Yawwwwwwnnnnn : ()

  17. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

  18. Wake up THE DEAD!

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