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  1. Cool idea and great first show guys keep up the good work.
  2. Incredimail is pretty good got a lot of fancy stuff in it as well.
  3. That could possibley be the system restore. Are you using Windows XP?
  4. Here is what to expect at our little piece of the world wide web. We have a lot of variety in our hub. You can find anything from music, movies, roms, isos, anime, warez and of course games of all kinds and types for all consoles. As far as the enviroment in the hub it is pretty laid back just don't break any of the rules and you will be fine. If CounterStrike is your thing then ask Haviq or jebeebus about playing some on our server. We even have a clan so you can also ask them about joining that as well. See ya in the hub bub!
  5. =<RULES>= Rule Nr:01 - No Child,Rape,Beastality Or Gay Pornography. Rule Nr:02 - Dont Advertise For Other Channels Or You Will Be Banned. Rule Nr:03 - No Installed,Dat,Ini Or Temp Files. They Are Usless And We Don't Need Them. Rule Nr:04 - Stay In This Hub When You Are DownLoading. Rule Nr:05 - Share Minimum 10 GB [scripted]. Rule Nr:06 - Repeated Violations Of The Rules Will Get You A PermBan. Rule Nr:07 - Don´t Bother An OP Unless It´s Important. Rule Nr:08 - Dont Ask To Be A VIP Or OP We Will Come To You If We Need You. Rule Nr:09 - No Slot Locking or Fake Sharing and Show Your Tag. Rule Nr:10 - Don't Lock Your Speedlimit Below 10k. Rule Nr:11 - The Hub Owner Is Always Right! Rule Nr:12 - Help Each Other Out. Rule Nr:13 - 1 slot per hub. Rule Nr:14 - Share something to do with emulation. Rule Nr:15 - Logout of the hub if you are playing a online game instead of taking share offline.
  6. .::IN CHARGE::. HUB OWNER: Jitway HUB CO-OWNER: DarkKnight .::HUB ADDRESS /ALTERNATIVE ADDRESS::. Main Hub Address: jitsevilgaming.com Alternatives: jitway.no-ip.com -- Commands for Users are: -- ---------------------------------------- !regme <pass> - To register yourself on this hub. It's not necessary to use the '< >' !help - Show this help page !rules - Show the rules !network - Show the network
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