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  1. I've tested version 1d, and it Passed All Tests. :yay:
  2. Those cards are called Punch Cards. Each could hold 24x80 characters, which is why a dos screen is that size. They were gone when I started. There are some funny stories about them, such as someone dropping a pile of them and spending hours getting them back in order. Also it was bad if they got wet. At my very first job, they had a teletype machine. They have become extinct now. It was basically a printer with a keyboard, connected to the phone network. You would type up something, and it would be stored on paper tape. Then you would feed the tape back in, enter the destination code, and the text would be printed at another machine somewhere in the world. No electronics, all mechanical.
  3. I can't download anything off that site it says I don't have permission. any advice people?
  4. Thanks man, but that's not precisely correct. I've actually done a few different jobs at that company. I actually started off as a train driver, before moving to IT in 1986. Back then we had these enormous main frames that took up more space than your entire house. The mainframe was slow and crashed at least once a day. I've seen the progression to LANs, Networks, PC's, and servers. So I've been in IT a long time. However the corporate world lags behind the home user in terms of faster pcs, and newer software. Also things like forums, chats, torrents, IRC, cracks, etc are unknown. These are things I'm trying to learn about.
  5. Well that was different. I learned many things in just 25 minutes. KryphonClaw, your microphone sounds excellent. James sounds like he's using a power mike. I think the microphone gain should be turned down a bit. And James makes things... excellent. I'll have to get a copy of it.
  6. Megabyte said to put dumps in. I'll remove it now. I didn't know.
  7. You need to get a job. I've got a job - in fact I've worked for the same company for 27 years, currently I do Desktop Support, that is, to make peoples computers work.
  8. Version 1c c:\download\nds\dsemu-0.0.1c\dsemu.exe I was trying some of the supplied test files. When I went to open the 3rd one it crashed. *edit* dump removed
  9. Well... that means we have two threads dealing with dsemu bugs. The other one --> http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...topic=11080&hl= Perhaps some smart MOD can insert the contents of the above thread into this one and then close that one.
  10. I've never bought a new game (maybe I shouldn't say that). From what I recall, the only game bigger than a CD, was my brothers Ages Of Empires, he was hooked but I found it boring. I played all of 5 minutes. My neighbour was crazy about Diablo for a while, but he got sick of it crashing and doing weird things. He also has an Amiga, but an avalanche of viruses made him stop using it.
  11. Where is the new archive...it's not on your site. edit - not on www.ndsemu.com it still has version 1a. I found version 1c on that oopsilon site, so I'm ok now.
  12. Yeah all those old-skool fighting / shooting games like king of fighters / metal slug / etc I really am old skool. Get this: I have never owned a console. The last one I used only had pong on it. I collect dos games, the newest was made in 1995. If a game fits on a single floppy disk, I want it If a game is larger than one CD, I do NOT want it. I started off with 8-bit computers over 20 years ago, then progressed to a 286 and on from there. My fastest pc only does 500mhz. Beat that!
  13. And they have their own forum of which I have been a member for about 2 months.
  14. I'm from the old-skool - howeever I must agree with those kids. Pong was boring the first time I ever saw it. And people would actually go out and buy a pong console. I always hated Tetris. Space Invaders keeps interest for about 5 minutes max. They didn't like Galaga !!
  15. I tested it on this pc which runs win2k pro with 512meg of ram and the path is c:\download\nds\ndsemu.exe There are some limits which you should try not to exceed. They are (a) more than 127 characters in the complete path ( more than 8 folders deep I'm not saying that ndsemu will have a problem if you exceed the limits, but some programs can't handle it well.
  16. Problem with XP SP2 firewall is that if you do happen to get a trojan, the firewall will allow any and all outward traffic. It only prevents inward traffic. Zone-alarm protects both ways.
  17. Oh-oh, Leathel has escaped from that other forum. Welcome to 1emu !!
  18. over 24,000 now. No warning system would have helped the Maldives islands. It is hundreds of islands, most no more than 2.5 metres above see level. The 10m wave simply washed right over them.
  19. Nevertheless, that is the problem. I don't know why someone only dumped half a rom.
  20. This is what we are here for. To me it all seems rather pointless. There must be some higher purpose or reason for us to exist rather than the day-to-day rat-race. Trouble is, I don't know if there is a purpose to it all. Some poeple look to religion but I think it's something else... I just don't know.
  21. I just tried it and the tests worked fine. One of them (testadd) has a black screen afire.bin has flames burning fill1.bin has 4 coloured stripes. Just make sure you shut down the program before starting the next test or it will "generate errors".
  22. Worst Christmas ever. I found out that my father has terminal cancer, and his body isn't making any more blood cells and he will probably be dead in 2 weeks.
  23. I've been using ZoneAlarm Pro for a while and it's quite good. There is a free version you can download and try. I decided to get the whole deal which cost $70 AUD.
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