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  1. Can somebody upload this somewhere else, i can never download from that site i keep getting a 403 error :S
  2. if i remember correctly this actually came out like 4 months ago if not longer because i remember people asking me about NDeSmuME even though i had nothing to do with it
  3. Note how this has my nick in it and yet i have nothing to do with NDeSmuME, i however am associated with DeSmuME itself
  4. The change log is mainly changes to the config code according to the cvs eg being able to change video filter in the ini and changing the joypad config alittle
  5. I would say the change log is: beta9 Interrupt handling changed beta10 Interrupt handling changed and reading from RTC ioport corrected
  6. Yeah the author posted it in his BBS though i cant post replys in it because its locked to people outside japan and the author isnt replying to my emails so i guess he wont be getting the wscamp sources
  7. If anyones interested ive fixed a few bugs in this one mainly the DMA code which didnt work in the Naruto game and caused corrupt graphics and that annoying sound hanging bug when you excape back into the gui
  8. Its just a demo that has pictures of happy cats and text scrolling across the screen EDIT: GBA average fps 15 NDS average fps 1-2
  9. Hey, nice to see your back. the happy cat demo runs flawlessly but extremly slow for me
  10. Yes, the gba cant tell the difference between a flashcart and a real game so i couldnt see you being unable to link unless of cause the game you have on the flash cart is corrupt somehow
  11. Those japs are so perverted. They have shops where you can buy school girls underware and even there spit, how sad is that.
  12. So, Two9a hows dsemu-ng coming along, will we see a christmas release?
  13. yeah its been down for ages, i hope he hasnt stopped working on his emu
  14. Ok I went and watched it on my other computer and it does look like a video, must just be this comp I never said what Sgstair is doing is wonderful because it is. And im not an Ungrateful little crap either i was and still will wait patietly until its released.
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