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  1. Is the vertex counter thing on top of nulldc counting in million or what?And does that exactly imply preformance wise for each game?For example the highest I ever got in jet set radio .600M,sonice adventure 2 1.20M,dead or alive 2 1.25M,shenmue1/2 was aroud 1.90m,karous 2.20m,floigan brothers 2.50M and trigger heart exelica around 3.45M.So if its was millions of vertices how would have relate to polygons per second?Sorry if it was already asked or it was a stpid question,was just curious.
  2. i decided to swap models for sonic adventure 2 the trial demo disc and the sa2 the finshed disk.for the demo disk it worked and made it self boot. heres a screen shot(for some reason his jump after destroying an enemy looks like supper sonics dash).but every time i try to swap the demo sonic model into the finished sa2 game, its like i made a bad image and it crashes nulldc.i mean it has less animations than the finsihed model sonic but it shouldnt crash the game right?
  3. Well one day i got in a fight with some in my house, and she yanked the ethernet cable out, and since then the hard drive isnt detected in the bios or boots up at all, as a matter of fact all it does are clicking noises.I had to put in my old hard drive.What can i do to get it back up running or to recover important files(like my wedding pics )Any help is appreciated.
  4. hello all,well by mistake i set up quick time to handle flash instead of macromidia flash,but quick time cant open it in fire fox, in ie macromedia still handles flash but for fire fox i dont know how to set it so macromedia flash handles flash movies.
  5. this my bros girl friends mother pc,well they told me 2 install the graphic and audio drivers cuz they dont know how 2(bunch of idiots) so i went 2 compaq and looked it up.i installed the graphics drivers it works and the audio drivers 2 but the sound still dont works.so i checked the driver list thing and something called compaq business audio missing.any one can help.thx in advanced.
  6. my bad i guess not.when ever itry to highlight a polygon in that mode it doesnt work.at least i can still play the mm x8 demo.
  7. i thought u guys said it didnt support direct x9.first the cd comes with direct x 9 in it then when i use direct x9 renderer in softimage it works great?
  8. maybe i mispelled wild tangent or something but it its some sort of plug in for online games or something like that.
  9. gonna paste what here?the autoexec and config or the programs iam trying to use?
  10. its suppose to be in the system32 folder cause i searched it and its in the windows\repair folder. copied it over still get the same message for dos dreamcast utilities porgrams/other dos programs as well that worked on xp before i reformatted and some program installers(wildtangent.)
  11. *gasp* say it aint so gryph.oh wells ill just continue googling then but its weird it never happened before i reformatted then reinstalled windows.now some of dos programs dont work while some do and some say something about autoexec.nt
  12. so what can i do before i reformated everything worked jusst by clicking now things like adx utility dont work.thats what iam refering to.
  13. when ever i try to run some dos program or something that require dos to install i get messages like in the screen shot below.
  14. oh i forgot thank you for the info and opinions.
  15. i dont need it for gaming i need for modeling. i do low poly so i dont have to worry about hpw many polygons on screen but with my intergrated graphics chip right now is the crappiest experience for modeling.
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