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    snowboarding, and other things ill list later
  1. lol, thanks i know its random but it is the most annoy thing to me when i cant find stuff like that out. (yes i did try google)
  2. the only thing i have to say about that is 20/20 hind sight. i would like to believe so but most of what he seems to predict we find after it happens.
  3. ok about a week ago i was watching TBS or somthing like that and saw Rush Hour and when jackie chan sings war what is it good for, he implanted into my mind. so anyways i would like to put this on my iPod and listen to it to get it our of my head so you you help me out with this. who sings "war what is it good for"?
  4. i have never heard of any of these site restrictors except websense (from maddox) but the one that we use at my school is fortress and they are going overboard with blocking sites. example: ign.com
  5. to avoid being narcissistic i dont really want to awnser this. but if i were to i would have to say. is there a middle? and if there is that is where i find my belonging.
  6. death clock, wow we are now listening to computer programs to determine when we die. although the formula kind of makes sence try it out!
  7. as i read on and on it seems that the only thought on this is the price. yes i know that 250-300$ is a lot of cash but so is the next xbox or ps3. so i think of it as just another system that i can fit in my pocket. sorry about the title k'dash
  8. i was browsing around the internet and i found to my supprise that PSP is supposta be released on thursday i dunno if this is old news or not i think id have to make a poll about this. PSP's release
  9. I'll watch college basketball but i wont fill out a braket....nor gamble. i have fun just watching w/ friends and shouting a bit here and there but id have to say basketball isint my sport. id rather watch hockey but the bastards are too greedy to get the game moving...
  10. Ill use it if google wont give what i need but when that happens i dont have much hope to find anything from elsewhere....so i stand with goodle all the way
  11. All i have to add for my opinion is that the MLB should have a durg test or somthing of the sort, then when a player is found with a illegal drug in their system they should be banned. this is to let all the people with real talent play and also keep it fun for them and the crowd.
  12. I just had to post this since i am irish. But as i went to school today i noticed that this is just another day for some people. so tell us what you think of today. just another day to drink? maybe, maybe not
  13. I have not played resident evil much besides the demos, and as far as that goes they dont really interest me much. although i have played all of the zelda games from ocrina of time to wind waker. some tell me that the older games were better, but i liked the ones that i played
  14. I enjoy doing many sports (but not gymnastics ) hanging out with friends, listening to music (mostly 80's rock), being lazy oh yeah and girls
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