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  1. What's up Mic, progress of any kind?
  2. Yeah, considering 7 zip support is a good thing. Spacewise, here's how a fullset of roms, from 0001 to 0402 and some demos compressed: NDS(.zip): 8,11 GB (8.713.881.780 bytes) NDS(.7z & zip): 7,77 GB (8.345.866.837 bytes) NDsAfter(.7z): 6,45 GB (6.935.131.852 bytes) I know that in windows an Ultra.7z decompresses/compresses way faster than an Ultra.zip, but i don't know if this also happens when implementing it oneself.
  3. Btw, i have a pretty strong feeling that.zip support is broken.
  4. Mic, even if it's just a slideshow, it's an awesome improvement. Keep it up, i see this emulator going a long, long way
  5. Outstanding work Mic , congrats!
  6. Try extracting the rom from the.zip archive. See if you get a similar error. Then something's wrong with the rom's header.
  7. Ok i'll get Fltk 1.1.x, but could you give me a hand with setting up the files?
  8. I'm getting the following: fltk-2.0.x-r4608.tar.bz2 is that ok?
  9. I'll get the required includes and SDL, and ttry to compile with Dev C++ (gcc), and Code::Blocks .
  10. So what would i basically need to compile dsemu?
  11. Two9A, you think you'll release a built version once you catchup with doublec's work?
  12. That's a nice list of things to do . Keep up the great work .
  13. I've got all DS roms released so far, would you find it worth my time testing them?
  14. http://www.dspassme.com/demos/tile02.ds.gba http://www.dspassme.com/demos/audio_sampler.ds.gba Found some. Still, none works with ideas r4... not even after renaming
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