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  1. I'm a bit suspicious about that program... you typed it in correctly? If so, rename that program to regwvc.old, and reboot and see if it makes any difference. Might be a new spyware/virus/etc.
  2. Only if source code is available.
  3. Very different from mame which is all i know about. So you can just throw together a bunch of roms with the right names and sizes, call the set whatever you want, and it will try to use it ??... cool. And you put the zip file name next to an unassigned number in neorage.ini, and it shows in the list..?? So I guess you could swap a sound rom with one from another game, and you get different sounds?? You say the processor is a Z80... no wonder those arcades run so fast. My fav 8-bit processor which I did a lot of assembly language work years ago. No.bin files... ok to call them.rom files? Thanks Agozer for the info.
  4. I recently obtained neoragex, a special version to run kof2004. The neorage.ini file looks interesting. Under the ROMS section there are some numbers and some file names. Does anyone understand the significance of the numbers, their placement, and why some have filenames on them, and some don't? Is there a way to determine what roms are needed for each game? Such as rom name, size, crc? Also how can I determine the neoragex version number? How does its rom searching work, because I pointed it at my mame roms, clicked import, and it found nothing. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Zero finds on google...guess I'll have to snoop around for that one.
  6. I don't know...I'm not into that stuff...maybe one day. Luckily my ISP doesn't allocate fixed IP addresses unless I want to pay more. Which makes it harder to log me, and to IP ban me. You could always try one of those free proxy sites out there.
  7. Metal slug 3 and kof98 work fine via kawaks...as far as i can see kawaks doesn't have a fps display.
  8. The one I got has different roms so it doesn't work in kawaks. *edit* sorry samurai edge, you asked me a question. It ran at about 40-45fps on my 333mhz win95. It runs quite well, no sound jumping or anything. I'm no gamer (I like getting things to work) so i can't say if it's a good game or not.
  9. Have a drink for me. Happy Birthday man! Crikey! You've been here for 2 1/2 years... that's an eternity.
  10. It's starting to look good, now we're getting somewhere. Congratulations!
  11. I was able to download a little package containing neoragex and kof2k4, and after learning how to use nrx, the game ran well. As I've never gotten kof2002 to work, I can't compare them.
  12. Hopefully you will be able to get it going as I can't do much about read-only files.
  13. Need more weapons... if you have the strength A missile let's say, would use 50 strength, and could take 60-70 HP. Or it could miss of course. Other awesome weapons could consume more than 100 strength. A bomb is not much of a weapon now. Unless the idea is to level the playing field.
  14. Well I think we got right off track somewhere. I'm not familiar with Amazon, but most of these games allow you to run the sound setup again and choose something else. Therefore try Adlib firstly, hopefully you get music. If so, then try the SoundBlaster. If it works, then you will get some additional sounds such as voices and explosions. Now XP does a mapping so that choosing IRQ5, I/O 220, DMA1 is the best choice. If nothing works, it hangs the pc, or runs extremely slowly, then choose pc speaker. It will sound horrible but you get something. If the above doesn't work and you insist on full sound, then either get a plug-in soundcard rather than the onboard one and set it for the IRQ etc as above; and/or use the programs that the other members have suggested.
  15. That BayTSG are snoopy mongrels. They look at traffic, capture IP addresses, and provide the information that MPAA etc use to launch prosecutions and threaten ISPs.
  16. OK try this http://simplebrokensword.free.fr/bs1.html Mods note: this is not a crack, just a solution
  17. There are 3 broken swords. Which one? 1. Shadow of the Templars 2. The Smoking Mirror 3. Sleeping Dragon might be able to get a crack
  18. IMHO you have a problem... I have kof2003 working on kawaks148dev. Your kof2003 set bears no relationship to mine at all. You are missing all of the 16meg roms. With kof2003b, the file names and sizes agree, although many of the CRCs differ. A problem is the fact that your 271-c5d.rom and 271-c6d.rom files are identical, indicating a bad dump. To give you an idea, this is what kawaks148dev needs (neogeo roms omitted) kof2003 262144 c521b5bc 271-bios.bin kof2003 16777216 c29acd28 271-c1d.bin kof2003 16777216 328e80b1 271-c2d.bin kof2003 16777216 020a11f1 271-c3d.bin kof2003 16777216 991b5ed2 271-c4d.bin kof2003 16777216 c2de8b66 271-c5d.bin kof2003 16777216 3ff750db 271-c6d.bin kof2003 524288 0e86af8f 271-m1d.bin kof2003 4194304 b9da070c 271-p1.bin kof2003 4194304 da3118c4 271-p2.bin kof2003 1048576 5cefd0d2 271-p3.bin kof2003 1048576 59d376da 271-p3d.bin kof2003 16777216 2058ec5e 271-v1d.bin kof2003b 16777216 c29acd28 271-c1d.bin kof2003b 16777216 328e80b1 271-c2d.bin kof2003b 16777216 020a11f1 271-c3d.bin kof2003b 16777216 991b5ed2 271-c4d.bin kof2003b 16777216 c2de8b66 271-c5d.bin kof2003b 16777216 3ff750db 271-c6d.bin kof2003b 524288 0e86af8f 271-m1d.bin kof2003b 4194304 92ed6ee3 271-p1bl.bin kof2003b 3145728 5d3d8bb3 271-p2bl.bin kof2003b 131072 482c48a5 271-s1bl.bin kof2003b 16777216 2058ec5e 271-v1d.bin
  19. The only thing I can suggest is to boot off your XP install CD. I will offer a repair option. Try it.
  20. This might help... maybe http://www.webuser.co.uk/cgi-bin/forums/po...apsed&sb=5&o=93
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