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  1. Is the Neo Geo game listing bug going to be fixed? Everytime I go into the neogeo cata. no games are listed but if i go under Others, there are in there.
  2. Just saw this released: CoinOPS 4 Sunset Standalone (Released) Since CoinOPS 3 Sunset there has been new cores...core updates.....lots of new arcade games never playable on the xbox before....lots of fixed arcade games.....1000s of new console games supported....many new features....the change log is over 10,000 lines long so lets just say more of everything.....when you though CoinOPS couldnt get better it knock the old one out of the park..... Note - Please play fair guys....to the people that want inflict there views, pretending they understand more than they do....please dont hurt inocent people....its unfair and really does cause people grief to many people and isnt very nice...... CoinOPS 4 Sunset Mame Sources are there to patch into anything you require....please remember its mainly the people complaining that have the most to hide..... old pic as this now supports way more....over 18,000 games I assume this is a CO4 version of CO3 Sunset? Unlocked? Links: You know where to go
  3. Cant anyone whos talented enough to make a "freedom" build if you will of CoinOPS or something based off MameoX? Hell combine FBL with MAME cores...make our own "CoinOPS". BP takes retail games, XBMC, and other emu builds and stuffs the shit out of it...how hard is that? Im having re-vert back to CO3 because CO4 dont work for shit...I recently updated to R8 (I have 3000+ games in mind) everytime I select a game it just goes back to the menu....Im like fandangos...its just idiotic to lock down your freedom and choices of emulators.
  4. has anyone else played Espgaluda in 1.7 and had GFX glitches? I played it last nite, rom loaded fine along with the select screen but when i comes on the playfield its garbled.
  5. Fast and Furious 5 = Combat Cars in Russian with new GFX Hack Gran Turismo 5 = Fun Car Rally (UNRELEASED) in Russian with minor GFX Hack NFS Underground = Turbo OUTRUN in Russian (LOL)
  6. VF for me works pretty decent (not full speed though)on 128mb xbox but if you load it on a 64mb it crashes either at bios check or within 5sec of the opening with Sarah and Kage.
  7. What about these? SLIPSTREAM - Capcom's only Sega System32 F1 game and exclusive to Brazil! Rad Mobile/Rad Rally - CoinOPS runs this but the controlls are terrible. Run and Gun 1/2 B-Rap Boys - CoinOPS runs this but later in the first level has gfx problems
  8. Reading this makes me think of the AVGN episode of R.O.B. where he made that ROB-Pad lol
  9. Interesting that you mention that... iq you are the MAN! can't wait for it!
  10. In regards of the OUT OF MEMORY error, I see that CPS3 games are in this build but they dont work because of the RAM issue. Is there a planned CPS3 XBE core down road to handle these games ala Cave Shumps?
  11. Hey +T+ is SNK's P.O.W. Prisoners of War working in FBL 1.4? Ive had issues with this and in FBANext360. Works fine in CoinOPS though. Running POW through FBL has GFX glitches. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
  12. Does anyone have it up on Usenet? I could certainly download it there and seed up faster.
  13. VF1 worked fine just with minor stuttering in R5 but when i upgraded to R6, VF1 froze either at the Rom Check screen or 3+ secs into the intro, freezing at the Kage v. Sarah fight in the intro. Im running Xbox v1.1 with a Xecuter 2.2 Lite, UnleashX, and EvoX M8+ as my bios. I havent looked into any other game atm.
  14. yeah mame on 360 could REALLY need an update since its from 2007 or so. Im still waiting on any WIP news on FreePSX, it was too buggy at the time i last tested it.
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