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  1. before a new Coinops release BP does this countdown kinda thing basicly its reasons why you should update from Coinops 4 to Coinops 5 i will update this thread as and when new info emerges 75 Phelios at full speed (only on CoinOPS) 76 Double Axel now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 77 Video System to all for 12,000 new videos 78 Folder System to allow for 10,000 new 79 New Quick Arcade / Console Filter 80 Return of the Jedi now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 81 Starblade at full Speed (only on CoinOPS) 82 Valkyrie valkyrie at full Speed (only on CoinOPS) 83 1 on 1 Open Ice at Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 84 Smash TV at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 85 Judge Dread at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 86 Rampage World Tour at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 87 Total Carnage at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 88 Strike Force at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 89 Trog at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 90 Snake Pit now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 91 Tac scan now playable (only on CoinOPS) 92 Street Fighter the Movie at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 93 Rodland at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 94 Sonic 3D now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 95 Rad Rally now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 96 Rad Mobile now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 97 Ring Rage at full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 98 NBA Maxium Hangtime now playable 99 Steel Gunner now playable (only on CoinOPS) 100 Steel Gunner 2 now playable (only on CoinOPS) 101 Road Riot now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 102 Thunder Hoops fixed 103 Top Golf fix graphics 104 Run and Gun now playable ( speed hack no background added to parent only) (only on CoinOPS) 105 Dirt Fox now controllable (only on CoinOPS) 106 Truxton at full speed 107 Truxton 2 at full speed 108 Victory Road easy to control (only on CoinOPS) 109 Open all characters in Mavel vs Capcom 2 (only on CoinOPS) 110 DoDonpachi Arrange now playable 111 Ketsui Arrange now playable (new version and speed version) 112 Syvalion now playable 113 Violent Fight now playable 114 Final Burn Core fixed for dips, flipped games etc by default 115 Final Burn Tate Mode for new games 116 NBA Jam Full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 117 NBA Jam Tornament Full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 118 Ninjakun Majou no Bouken now with sound 119 X68000 2 Disc configuration support added 120 Vector Beam Width Intensity Setting 121 Mario Kart 64 now playable in two players 122 Two more Video folders 123 Satans Hollow now with sound 124 Vic 20 core added 125 1000 more supported console games 126 Double Dragon 2 at full speed (only on CoinOPS) 127 Tekipaki now with sound 128 NeoGeo Decrypted Sets now playable 129 Treasure of the Caribbeans now playable 130 Mame 72 Speedy old core now availble 131 Wonder Swan core now availibe 132 Bang Bang Busters now playable 133 DOS core now availble 134 Line of Fire now playable 135 Hydra now fully controllable (only on CoinOPS) 136 720 now fully controllable (only on CoinOPS) 137 APB now fully controllable (only on CoinOPS) 138 Bubble Bobble 2 at full speed 139 Bubble Bobble 3 at full speed 140 Chase H.Q at full speed 141 Faster Gameboy Advance 142 Ikari Warriors easy to control (only on CoinOPS) 143 Dragons Lair 2 144 Space Ace 145 Paperboy now fully controllable (only on CoinOPS) 146 Mortal Kombat 3 Full Speed with Sound (only on CoinOPS) 147 Star Trek Fully Playable (only on CoinOPS) 148 Dragons Lair 149 Doom 1 150 Faster Super Nintendo
  2. coinops 5 will more than likely have a standalone release at some point. this will be an update set with no roms or vids it will basicly bring you bang up to date without having to DL the full set but you will need to have some setup knowlage to get it up and running
  3. i think your invite to his site just expired
  4. cant really advise ya either way both options have their upsides and downsides i have both types but prefer TSOP plus im sitting on the fence here as i dont want the blame if something goes wrong with the sale BTW TSOP is short for Thin small outline package
  5. hmm i asked a question about the different types of Mods and their pros and cons might be worth reading http://theisozone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=13544
  6. you could head over to the iso zone there's a thread there for buying selling and mod services
  7. i wouldnt bother with the hacks if i was you just stick with your coinops 3 set for now maybe if you go over to the other site and ask BritneysPAIRS to help you maybe he will sort something out for you
  8. well according to BritneysPAIRS there will never be another unlocked standalone ever so i guess you miss out unfortunatly
  9. both versions you are trying have locks enabled there's nothing you can do to fix this unless you follow the guides posted here coinops 4 lite 156 roms you can remove 30 or add 50 add anymore than 50 the locks enable and emu wont work coinops 4 r3 must have coinops 4 full with at least 3000 roms in your set or this update wont work
  10. hmm some interesting developments regarding the mame0.72 core in coinops more games are being added to it as they perform better this has enabled sound in some games while others now control better ill keep my eye on this see how it turns out also mentioned was a new faster taito f3 core which will hopefully sort a few long standing issues in some real classic games i wonder are these using mame0.72 or Xraine the release info doesnt say
  11. i was going to mention this to destronger rolling back the UI for now would be a good for those that use the favs and sort features
  12. CoinOPS 4 LITE released available on UG no offical release info provided but for sure it will be a best of the arcades set with some console games added for good measure includes R2 updates locks are enabled with this version thx to everyone who worked on releasing this
  13. for sure cps3 games can be played on both stock and 128mb xboxes using cpx3 a top class and highly recommended emulator the above points you made while i have no argument with what you said still doesnt change the fact that cps3 ddcrew desert breakers etc wont work work in FBL using either a stock or 128mb xbox but do so in coinops for 128mb users how this is achieved doesnt change that fact
  14. excact same problem for me in FBL 1.9/v1.10 with my decrypted neogeo roms i had made them parents to save space but i found a compromise here's a wee tip im sure destronger wont mind me sayin this use the neogeocps2.xbe core from 1.7 just switch it with the one you have in v1.10 all your decrypted sets should work EXCEPT for any roms that have had a name change since 1.7 for example i have to use full roms for mslug 3 and sengoku 3 as the rom names for those games changed between FBL 1.7 and FBLv1.10 eg mslug3hd became mslug3nd
  15. CPS3 games wont work in FBL on any xbox infact no 128mb games work in FBL but according to BP CPS3 and a good few other 128MB games will work in coinops there that's all cleared up then
  16. i created a standalone using the betas but its locked i had to use emunewbies save file to get around the locks i only did this to see how rampage wt played using the mame72 core in COP4 it didnt play well maybe it's been sorted now i dont know for sure as for releasing it well ive stated above the reasons why idd never do that plus it's locked so no point really anyway ive not got it anymore ive deleted it from my xbox and pc im back using COP3 sunset but if you wanna make an arcade only COP4 standalone and release it yourself then wire in read my posts above there's info on how to create a version that would be fully operational as for updateable well who knows
  17. CPS3 games dont work on a xbox in FBL VMM work and maybe speedhacks required not sure if they work on a upgraded 128mb trusy xbox
  18. here's one more cool jap only snes platformer english hacked version also available for this give it a whirl Magical Pop'n http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvjMGDfTx00
  19. i do like the old school platformers and here's another good un its a jap only snes game but has been translated into english best version to get is the gaijin RPGOne V1 hack as it has graphics translated as well DoReMi fantasy-milon's quest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFW2vAb_MpE
  20. oh almost forgot no mention of core fixes for midway72 in this release maybe those fixes for rampage wt and speedups for some other games will be added to R3
  21. new update R2 requires full coinops 4 set added Ketsui Arrange Ketsui Black Label Ketsui Fast Fixed N64 Mario Kart Multiplayer Issue Roms and VIDS INCLUDED do donpachi arrange Ketsui Arrange Ketsui Black Label available from the usual sites thx to daillest319 for uping this and to everyone who helped with this release
  22. update lite being tested now should be released at some point soon
  23. just been added to coinops for those interested in this game
  24. cool video if you were both completly drunk while trying to play that game it would have been some laugh
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